1. It’s another time of the year, one need to Set goals and take bold steps in achieving them.
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  3. It couldn’t have happened to a better person. Thank god for small favors. Now, the dementia is really going to progress.

  4. 95% of trader lose learn to hold. No one goes from broke to rich without market pain. Stop selling and buying on emotion. Buy. Hold. Get through the pain. In 10years you”ll do great. Don’t buy meme coins.

    1. he has really made name for himself, also made success more easier than we thought all rates to he’s strategies 🚀

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    3. you are right Bitcoin trading might make you rich if you are hedge fund with deep pockets or an unusual skilled currency trader After a successful investment you have nothing to worry about, whether the rise and fall of economy won’t affect you. Make’s your future brighter, by making good investment

  5. Every American is not susceptible to serious illness, in fact, the vast majority of us are not. I am not concerned about his health or well being any more than he is mine.

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