President Biden says Colonial Pipeline has reached full operational capacity | USA TODAY

President Biden says Colonial Pipeline has reached full operational capacity | USA TODAY 1


    1. I read an article that said restoring from backups was faster than using the decryption key (costing $5M USD). IMO the company paid for the decryption key to allow the govt to more easily find the hacking group.

  1. Great reading Demented Joe…and great editing from USA Today….Funny thing is he is so demented, you cant even hide it with your editing.

    1. @LMTV the price is going up is the consequences of the establishment of a pipeline that should never existed in the first place.

    2. @John Roberts
      Never saw him struggling.

      “Anyone making less than $400,000 dollars a year will not pay one penny in taxes”
      -Joe Biden
      I am so looking forward to not paying taxes anymore.
      Or was Biden struggling 🤔

    3. @Rick McGrath prove them false then, while your at it prove there was election fraud.

      It’s generally funny how you only believe in news when it suits your agenda.

      Gatz…. na, couldn’t be

      Cumo…. i knew it!!

      Bill Clinton and Donald Trump both were friends with Ebstine, yet you only suspect one of them of doing what we both know they all did.

      When you’re not willing to see what’s obviously right in front of you, you are by definition delusional.

  2. He just said 2 completely diff things. He just said it’s becoming fully operational as we speak and then says getting it up and running will take some time and we should see most of it by this weekend. Love the double talk

    1. @Tony Nittoli they still won’t see it. If they didn’t see it before they voted then there’s not much hope that they will after. Did they actually pay those hackers? I wasn’t aware that they actually paid them.

    2. @Big Boomer well if that’s what he meant he sure didn’t say it clearly. He made it sound like things r fully up and running. It’s either incompetent or manipulative. With biden it could be either.

  3. They made several editorials about how trump ate steak “well done with ketchup”.

    What happened to the journalistic diligence?

  4. Now that the fees & taxes are hiked up outrageously on everything across the nation, LET IT FLOW!!!!

  5. Now that they got the gas prices over $3 they ain’t coming down any time soon!!! All part of the plan…

    1. @99.6% Survival Rate do you have a link to some footage of these quotes you’re using? I wish I could link you some fire trump tweets that draw some lines in the sand, but they all got Epstein’d Otherwise I can say I agree that the media is a big part of the same problem. Politics have become two sided and the media preys on that. But so did trump. And so does Biden. Also it seems you do you agree with me that both Biden AND his administration are responsible for their bad decisions meaning potentially that more than one man is involved and responsible for everything that is wrong… So I would like to argue again that both sides are equally responsible for every horrible mistake they have made, and that we ourselves are even MORE responsible for allowing out differences to be preyed upon so easily. I mean we’re still the UNITED states right? Or did that change on January 6th? I honestly can’t tell

    2. @West Dakota There’s yer problem right there… probably never heard biden say those things because the news doesn’t cover it. Those are direct quotes and are easily searchable. There’s probably a lot you don’t know about the “big guy” if you’re waiting for the news to come to you. 90% of the main stream networks are owned by 6 corporations that own the left. The news blasts the right and the left pay the bills with our money.
      Trump was wildly unpopular when he first took office until people started seeing it for themselves. Some are slow to catch on.

    3. @99.6% Survival Rate dude I’m asking you to prove that quote. I have typed it into Google and literally nothing has come up. If you want to prove that you know what you’re talking about and that you don’t just believe whatever you are told then reply a link to a video of Biden saying that. I dare ya. An on that note, which media outlets do you consider within the 10 percent that isn’t owned by “the left” ?

  6. I would like to see proof of this entire investigation and proof of payment. If it has already been published, someone please comment with the link.

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