President Biden Set For Wednesday Meeting With Vladimir Putin | MSNBC 1

President Biden Set For Wednesday Meeting With Vladimir Putin | MSNBC


President Joe Biden will sit down for the first time since taking office with Russian President Vladimir Putin here on Wednesday. The Morning Joe panel breaks down how the day is expected to go.

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President Biden Set For Wednesday Meeting With Vladimir Putin | MSNBC


  1. I will not watch any program where John Bolton is a guest. How anyone can have him on as a guest after his refusal to testify is beyond me. He does not deserve to be a guest!!

    1. @Debbie Rushing Completely understand. I do give her props for testifying for 11 hours and not being a coward like John Bolton, though.

    2. But you’ll watch the network with countless former George Bush administration employees? And you’ll watch the show hosted by the guy who loved George Bush (AKA Morning Joe)?

      Plus Joe was a fan of the Orangeman before it wasn’t cool…

      Don’t worry about all that though… ORANGEMAN BAD

      Good job!!! HERO!!!

      Keep finding random people to hate on while you support the same people you pretend to hate. Mental gymnastics = fun for you I guess

    3. If you refuse to listen to the other side, you are wallowing in ignorance. Although it was very difficult to listen to Trump, I did my best and regret that I could not tolerate more.

    1. Why would you give a child an experimental vaccine, for a virus they they are not at any risk what-so-ever. What is wrong with you people? You are so brainwashed , and your ego, and stupidity is going to harm children.

    1. Is The Chosen One ready to show his tax returns yet? Is that audit over yet? Does he still have lawyers in HI digging up dirt on Obama? Mexico is paying for the wall any day now.

  2. And yet we won’t see any of it. Biden is shadowed and you will only show the made up highlights from the solo interview afterwards.

    1. As opposed to ‘man, camera, tv’ and a man who last weekend couldn’t understand the difference between defend and defund.

  3. We love our President he did represent America in such way he handled it well we are in a pressure cooker we all are,manny people are losing hope of going back to work, willing to sell they home and run away.I always had said that”losing hope should be the last strategy”.

  4. Jill Biden was given Elderly guardianship, also known as elderly conservatorship of Joseph Biden. This a legal relationship created when a court appoints an individual to care for an elderly person who is no longer able to care for himself or herself

    1. No. That would be Trump. Weak in that he never won the popular vote, was impeached twice, was so insecure and authoritarian that he tried to overturn a free and fair election. Never cracked 50% of the vote and supported a foreign enemy (Putin) over his own intelligence agencies.

  5. All foreign leaders are happy to meet with Biden because he gives them what they want. Like the pipeline. Etc etc etc.

    1. Oh honey. Our last president gave a foreign enemy everything. He didn’t hold Russia accountable for MURDERING American soldiers under a bounty, he sided with a foreign leader over his own intelligence agencies, didn’t care that they intervened in elections. Trump was an American traitor and too stupid except for his even more stupid sycophants.

    2. It turned out the bounties were not true and Russian collusion could not be proven. This is all in the report. Watch CSpan or read WSJ.

  6. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life see biden next to Putin.The news has been blocked from asking biden any questions,who disappeared yesterday at noon in the back of the plane.We will see how tuff biden is on Putin after talking so tuff about Russia for the pass 2 yrs.We will never know though because we will never see him asked a single question standing next to Putin, purposely for obvious reasons.The way the press has spun and is already Spinning this trip will also be predictable….eventually people will get it or not.

  7. Biden doesn’t want to be humiliated by Putin like in 2011, so he’s holding a private meeting with Putin and he’ll not hold a joint press conference with Putin either

    1. Well, Demented Joe did come out and make a teleprompter speech for about 20 minutes, before taking 5 pre-arranged questions from friendly “journalists” .

  8. Not one question from the 5 pre-arranged “journalists” about the Wuhan virus. 3.82 Million people dead, and not one question.

  9. Meanwhile: Switzerland does not have a President, we have a Bundesrat, consisting of 7 people as the highest political function.

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