President Biden Set To Address Joint Session Of Congress | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

President Biden Set To Address Joint Session Of Congress | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Joe Biden will announce a roughly $1.8 trillion plan to invest in universal preschool, free community college and expanded access to child care in his joint address to Congress on Wednesday night, the White House said.

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President Biden Set To Address Joint Session Of Congress | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The bottom line is you can’t do everything through budget reconciliation. I agree with Joe on this as far as way too much money as you add everything up. I know how they want to do away with poverty which is fine theoretically but as a person who lives below the poverty line and is a senior, unless you are going to dictate how people spend their money you’re always going to have those that live in poverty. How many people choose to take vacations while letting their rent slide or mortgage slide figuring oh I can catch it up later on? The way I see it is after dangling on the precipice while this country went way too far to the right it’s now swinging way too far to the left and the people in the middle are just basically being left out. Anyways that is just my thoughts as a nobody.

    1. There’s a big difference between those that choose and those that don’t. Some do but most of us dont.

    1. @kydrythm Good luck. Gen Z democrats outnumber Gen Z republicans 7-3. IMAGINE how much of a blowout it will be in 2024. Also, many have left the Republican Party since January 6th, including thousands in states like Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota. So—good luck in 2024!!

    2. @Joshua Kelley riiiight you like to play “what if”.
      I’m like: “Trump 2024”.

      We’re not the same.

    3. @Joshua Kelley You have no way of saying how an entire generation will vote.
      Wealthy children are usually in conservative homes.
      They’ll be handed CEO jobs after college by their father’s.
      They’ll run America.
      Been going on long before you.
      You’ll be serving them burgers through a window.

      You’re not the same.

  2. We should treat all income, active, passive, capital gains, dividends, profit, etc. all the same. Income is income, to make things fair and equal all income in a certain tax bracket should all be treated at the same tax rate.

    1. A flat tax would be nice. Makes too much sense and would be much easier to administer so it’ll never happen.

  3. Odd I was checking to see when the President’s Address begins on ABC news when I noticed that it already had more than a thousand thumbs down, even though it was not set to play the content until later this evening! I saw a few other new sources with around the same amount of thumbs down for videos on the coming President’s Address.

    1. @Dawn Adriana Then where’s the 80 million Biden voters?
      Nobody really likes him.
      To be honest I would ignore the fact that I voted for him as well.
      Definitely wouldn’t admit it.
      Get a clue.

    2. They all have good enough common sense to already understand what’s gonna happen. That’s probably why. Over 40 years of the screwing over , lying , betraying , and destroying American jobs , American values, putting America last and his , his sons , friends and family’s best interests first.

    3. @kydrythm I know quite a few people a lot of people that voted for Joe Biden so I don’t understand where you coming from but the fact of the matter is he’s trying to better this country regardless if you want to accept it or not you got complaints but I bet you didn’t send that money back that he sent you so what you need to do is respect your leaders and try to enjoy what you do have

  4. He’s making it out Amtrak 50th anniversary but still has yet to make it to the border! Worse administration in the history of this country!!!

    1. TrumpTURD’s was the worst administration in the history of our nation and the most CORRUPT. GOT IT??? SMGDMFH!!!

    1. Joe Biden has nothing to be embarrassed about. WTF??? He is doing a great job, the best in a long time.

  5. The problem is that a low Biden profile provides a negative and troubling contrast in leadership skills (not that there were leadership skills.)

  6. I swear I just heard uncle Tim Scott Disrespect the President when he said he thinks President Biden is a good man Really!!! He could’ve sat right next to Cruz and slept

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