President Biden Set To Hit The Road To Promote Infrastructure Deal 1

President Biden Set To Hit The Road To Promote Infrastructure Deal


President Biden is set to visit Wisconsin on Tuesday to promote the bipartisan infrastructure package, and the Morning Joe panel discusses.

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President Biden Set To Hit The Road To Promote Infrastructure Deal


    1. @Scott Coleman I moved out of the Oligarchic American Nation or OAN before it becomes fascist. 48 years the USA had a democratic demand driven economy which begat a middle class, the first in America from 1933 to 1981 and reagan. I liked the middle class but Lewis Powell didn’t like it after blacks got civil rights and voting rights and were now moving in to middle class. GOP’s KKK base could be harvested by promising to legalize discrimination. CRC is nothing like Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic noise claims it is, but it keeps the racist base riled and motivated.

    2. @dlee t The KKK is a democrat founded and supported organization. Democrats are literally the only people in this world keeping racism alive. Without fake racism, democrats would get literally 10% of the vote.

    3. @Scott ColemanThe only fake racism is whites screaming they are being persecuted or denied due to others. KKK is allied with the Christian right as they were during the last ’20s, 1920s, but they were respected then and were helping bust stills for Volstead.
      GOP has 41,000,000 fewer voters in each election based on populations of states, but with gerrymandering and EC it doesn’t matter. Oligarchies are Feudalist Lite and Jan 06 sought to make then Fascist 2.0. Ever since Nixon sentenced 22,000 to die for a campaign tactic, and Reagan’s Arms for Hostages deal to hold the hostages until he won, and W launched a fake war killing 5000 Americans and 500,000 Iraqis for an aircraft carrier photo op, America has been a Banana Republic. 1933 to 1981 America was a real democracy with real free press vs their current 44th place on the Press Freedom Index. But, it takes an ignorant gullible public to continue eugenics of the FICA recipients.

  1. Republicans would sooner see our country reduced to something like a Brazil slum and still they would not have billionaires pay their fair share to rebuild our infrastructure.

    1. @kingnicii Democracy worked for 48 years from 1933 to 1981 when the Oligarchy took over. Fascists were real popular in the 1920s too. Fred Koch loved it and was seeking to install refineries in Franco’s Spain when WW2 broke out. He had already set Hitler and Stalin up with refineries. US Steel sold steel to Franco during their Spanish Civil War, used against our allies. Businesses in America love Fascism, see Chicago’s Haymarket executions to end labor organizing by stoking an anti-immigrant fever in the public, thus overlooking their labor struggles.

    2. Idk. During the Bush era I made good money. Right out of high school making 40k + a year. Obama took office, the place I worked at closed and the following place (one of the most profitable dealers on the east coast) closed. Trump took office and within 2 years was making more money then I ever have. Biden has been in office less than a year and most of our business is gone and I’m back to struggling. I’m an auto mechanic working flate. The economy decides my pay check. I’m not huge fan of Republicans but every time a Democrat takes office I almost instantly loose 20k-30k a year.

    3. @David Schneider actually if you look where the infrastructure money is going you may be surprised. Big business is still getting the money. Wether it’s through tax breaks or not.

  2. The GQP sent the troll farm over because they hate the idea of investing in anything that helps people.

  3. How many times do you think the President will mention “Climate Change” or “Tandem Bills”???

  4. Take it to the inner cities, bumbling Biden, see how well the influx is received, minority parents are extremely conservative, democrats will never get that vote again….

  5. The infrastructure problems existed and were unaddressed during the term of 45. However, Mitch McConnell had no difficulty making a huge tax gift to the richest people and corporations in America. It’s only been during a Democratic reminder that the country still has to attend to business that McConnell “suddenly” claims there are insufficient funds. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

  6. He is so right, look what happened, and it’s going to happen again. Stop Mich MCOLIN please he will not help his own country if he needs power HES DOING THIS ROR TRUMP ONLY feel for your interest your not for the people your for your political GAIN AND THAT’S IT.


  8. The Biden/ Harris administration is making history as the most effective Trump campaign ever devised.

  9. Why do we need infrastructure when the Democratic want to exports our manufacturing to China and other countries.
    Why we need infrastructure when we stop build our energy pipelines and depend on foreigner for our energy?

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