President Biden signs an executive order to protect abortion access | USA TODAY

President Biden signs an executive order to protect abortion access | USA TODAY 1


  1. Why are you even doing this you got a judge in there to destroy everything so shut up.

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  3. He is interning with the Supreme Court making decisions about the Constitutionalty of certain laws and amendments
    ..this senile old man needs to go take a n a p

    1. He is not a lawyer or judge..he is in executive branch of government..I thought we have different branches of government to insure checks and balances…Joey, stay in your lane….if you can find it

  4. The deepest pit of hell is reserved for him!
    Anyone who takes the life of a human being is to be put to death; Leviticus 24:17
    And the blood of every innocent child killed in the mother womb will be on their hands and JESUS will remind them of that at the judgment day… Revelation 20: 11-15

    1. @Fenris I have 5 times and don’t ever remember reading that. Please tell me where to find it or what Bible you read. I know what Jesus says about the little children the kingdom of heaven belongs to them and woe to any one who harms one little hair on their head. Oh and I believe there’s is a commandment that says Thou shalt not kill . Not many people are paying much attention to that one anymore as well as the others.. At any rate abortion is murder. Maybe these baby killers should be put back inside their mothers womb if it were possible and be aborted and see what horror that little one goes through in an abortion. And please don’t insult that little life by calling it a fetus. Its a life from conception whether you or anyone else believes it.

  5. It has to go through Congress first but I think it’s ironic that someone who has abused women all his life suddenly seems to champion them? Nothing but political posturing. He does nothing but try to line his own pockets.

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  7. So he just makes his own laws when he doesn’t like what the Supreme Court decides?

  8. Watching Joe Biden’s movements and speech reminds people of the book titled…

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