1. 😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 right on!!! Its going to be discrimination to lock these joggers up

  1. Biden is the worst president America has ever seen. Troops hate him. Countries mock him. The majority of Americans despise him. It’s embarrassing to say the least.

    1. That may be true, but would you rather have a president that tweets mean things that hurt my feelings

  2. America is done I’m sorry where turning into a second world country soon china will surpass us if Biden keeps acting like these

    1. Let’s put it this way Take a look at 2 stocks SQQQ and UVXY… both shorts and inverse of market…. over 97% of stock value is gone from each….. the Bears are drooling….. Sachs is the main holder of UVXY from research I have done….. during Trump I turned my first and only stimulus check to 19k….. and after biden took office market has been going down and down…. he is selling us out…. did you know senator hirono worked for Obama’s granny who was president of bank of Hawaii? Hmm? Pretty high up position for a women in the 70’s? Now its normal… not then. Hmm who was Barry Sotorro, obama’s step dad. . He was introduced to Obama’s mom from granny….
      They have interested in Asia and south Pacific and always have. His step dad was friends with George Bush Sr.

  3. If both are protected by hate crime And both do a hate crime…

    Was it ever truly a hate crime???🤯

  4. Why does he always start randomly shouting? Are there instructions in his jumbo-sized teleprompter that indicate SCREAM?

  5. Beat the hate drum some more. You can’t legislate love. Hate is always equal on both sides. ~

  6. Now we need a protection bill for viruses and bats too. I love how they are wasting time instead of focusing on real problems.

  7. I am happy for this bill but the sad truth is that it was easier for them to pass this than to pass a single bill for my African-American and Native American brothers and sisters! The constitution should be protecting every human being regarles of race or gender!!!

    1. Exactly! Asian Americans have been protesting for not even a year and they get a bill passed???! Why can’t it be for all races. He is a clown.

    2. @BlueFlowers The whole country is like this. Trump had 4 years also and didn’t pass crap for blacks either .

  8. May God bless Dr. Umoru on YouTube who cured me from HSV-2 with his effective herbal supplements. You are a God,sent to me Dr. Umoru, I am so grateful!!!

  9. Both Donald trump and this man are not competent. Almost all powerful countries have an one party or man leadership. In America you can only choose two parties in reality.

  10. It’s called a second chance , but in reality it’s a no chance . You never quit paying for the crime , you pay for it the rest of your life .

  11. Non violent crime Joe , never did time in prison , sentenced to probation and counseling Joe . Still paying for it 40 years later Joe .

  12. Байден! Хочешь стать лидером и поднять США на сверх уровень?
    Я дам тебе подсказку с чего начать и дам потом….
    После 23го числа ☝️😇🕌
    Делай как я говорю и ты добьёшься успехов, не рушимых успехов и победу 🥇
    Результаты :
    1. Китаю придётся делать так как это скажет США
    2. Новое развитие экономики не меняя старое
    3. Евросоюз также будет слушать США и иметь также выгоду
    4. Россия после 23го больше не соперник
    5. Беларусь – придаток ( даже не стоит обращать внимание)
    6. Украина встанет на ноги более менее относительно.
    7. Угнетенные страны получат шанс развития.
    Вся стратегия на которую невозможно повлиять будет в одном видео после 23го числа…
    Я смонтирую видео ( если до 23го не будут приняты кое какие меры). В видео будет инфо как и что предпринять. И даже если его посмотрят многие ☝️ изменить данную стратегию или привести её к нулю, повлиять на её будет не возможно.
    Успех ГАРАНТИРОВАН 1000%
    И первые плоды будут уже через 3 месяца… И через года 2 полная неоспоримая закрепленная победа 🥇, которую не возможно разрушить. ☝️

  13. Joe Biden gave everybody and executive order. Jewish people, Asian people, LGBT, India people, guns. But Joe Biden never gave Black Americans and executive order. The people that put him into to office as the PRESIDENT

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