1. Lamenting about roe as constitutional and the very next day infringement on an actual constitutional right.

  2. Can he do ANYTHING to actually help America?? So glad we stopped the “threat to democracy” for this embarrassment…..

  3. REMOVE DRIVERS LICENSE requirements when striking down this law…why do i want anyone to have access to my identity….privacy is also in the US Constitution…every piece of paper that requires our identification is unconstitutional…

  4. give back all the Lakota weapons the USA took to “protect” while stealing our land hahahahahhahaaha

  5. Mr. President, please support my Main Battle Tank Manufacturing business; our battle tank can easily rip off the M1A1 turret and sk*ll F*Ck it hahahahahahaha look at what a tiny drone is doing to the Russian Federation main battle tanks hahahahahahahahaha to protect against drone, they put stand on turret, making them easier to spot and annihilate by USA Javelin anti-tank missile

  6. Does anybody else notice that Joe has his caregiver standing next to him while he signs his name. I think that’s probably because his dementia might cause him to sign it as president Harris.

  7. I love how the term bipartisan is used every time they pass something with the exact same 10-14 RINOs help.
    Nobody with any sense can honestly believe this is a bipartisan bill, again.

  8. You know what would be beneficial to women’s reproductive health? Teach them how to keep their legs crossed.

  9. No matter how stately they try to make him in the thumbnails he still looks , walks and talks like a senile old man. Sad sad sad

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