1. Listen to the best poetry in the world that is translated so that the whole world can hear it
    canserbero a Latin American warrior
    Let the little angels help us, I doubt that they will help us, this government doubted them
    That is why I ask you to raise your fist and say United we are going to change the world with respect with study with love without racism

  2. What does this accomplish murder is already illegal and comes with a hefty prison sentence this feels like nothing but another empty symbolic gesture.

    1. I beg to differ. This is just Joe on Dumb. Come on man.
      I almost feel like I am insulting Dumb by associating him with that there.

  3. Ok, that’s cool. Congratulation

    Now next, he should sign The Anti- Asian American hate crime bill in law.
    THAT should come soon, right?

  4. How timely. ANYTHING to take the focus off the highest inflation rate in 40yrs. Let’s go Brandon!!💯👍🏽🇺🇸

  5. ? What in the Hell took so long?! I’m disgusted that this is just now being done! Why am I even surprised, the government has never acknowledged what they did to the Native Americans in any form!!!

  6. Darn. Now we’re all going to have to stop lynching people. My weekends just opened up now that I won’t be looking for lynching victims.

  7. What’s the purpose of this here none sense? This guy been dead 60 years. Come on man!? YOU 59 years and 364 days too late.

  8. In the midst of such chaotic America…. This is their priority ! What did this truly accomplish? It’s like this past Oscar Night ! A distraction !

  9. What the juicy smallpox are they talking about? The only people doing that are race baiters doing it to themselves!!!

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