President Biden Takes Action To Address Gun Violence ‘Epidemic’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I cannot believe that a gun comes in a kit like a Necklace Bead Set or a Volcano Science Experiment! WTF?!?

    1. It’s not as simple as simple Joe makes it sound. A lot more trouble than a criminal is willing to go through

    2. @Google User I’ve never shown an ID to purchase any firearm, neither has any friend I’ve ever had, but you’re an adorable troll…

    3. @E E well you must’ve never bought one from a gun store. Lol. Now if you bought one from an individual you wouldn’t have to do a background

  2. I’m a gun owner and enthusiast. I live in Mass and there should be a national common sense approach to legal gun ownership the fact that we have states where kids can not buy a beer, cigarettes, but can walk into a store at age 18 on there state drivers licence and buy a firearm needs to change. Also there should be a RED FLAG law for legal owners who may be suffering from a metal illness that should preclude them from owning a firearm

    1. @Brian Jones Can you explain if any difference to the following example? Where a doctor determines an elderly driver must surrender their drivers license, If deemed unable to operate a car safely after an accident. Don’t you think there are some cases where government does need to have oversight. Stay safe and healthy to all.

    2. @Frank Yu You are already not supposed to own a gun if you’ve been mentally adjudicated. I think there is a problem keeping some of these systems up to date. This adjudication carries with it due process. The red flag laws often do not have due process. People can raise a red flag, then you are assumed guilty until proven innocent, and then you have to fight to get your rights back.

    3. Do you understand that you can’t buy a gun without a background check already? A national gun registration is just anther term for the list we need before we they illegally confiscate. If you really are a gun owner wouldn’t you know that? Do you want a double secret background check?

    4. @Dr Martin
      Yes well aware like I said I own guns and I’m law enforcement but
      that doesn’t change anything in my opinion
      Preownership classes and like we have in Mass is still reasonable
      Folks should be trained in basic firearms handling and safety prior to being able to purchase like we have in mass
      Again just my opinion
      Doesn’t make me right

    1. @AllNiteLemonade what about the thousands and thousands of kids being trafficked at the border daily

  3. The comment about the situation being an international embarrassment is actually spot on. At least within the western european community. They absolutely think that the US is crazy and or stupid when it comes to guns and gun laws.

    1. Funny, everyone I take shooting that is visiting the US has a blast and laments that their countries are so restrictive.

      Either way the US shouldn’t base our policy on what Europeans think about us.

  4. Is this just a conspiracy or every time Joe biden’s on the news the pixelation is always set to worst pixels setting

  5. Background checks will not work without registration of all fire arms to certified owners. Registration will stop gun running and straw purchases.

    1. @Jonathan Atkinson This is a democracy and the majority rules whether you like it or not that makes Joe President of the USA. Trump is just a loser.

    2. @alan bailey According to the first amendment, I can call Former Vice President Joke Biden whatever I like whether you like it or not and there’s nothing you can do about that.

    1. @AllNiteLemonade So what you mean is regular civilians bypassing back ground checks are horrible.

      Biden lying on his gun registration form, claiming he never has done drugs, and still getting a gun. Perfectly okay?

  6. Addressing current events and working toward long overdue comman sence decisions in the moment while still running the Country gives me hope and relief.

    1. Ah the easily dupped. These proposals are but window dressing to appease the likes of you. My worry is that when these have zero effect on gun violence, more draconian measures will come. I guess we’re boiling a frog.

  7. A tourist wanting a visa for hollidays in the USA probably is vetted more thoroughly than some one buying a gun. wierd huh?

    1. T. R. Campbell
      But there is a test for getting the licence. And you can only get into a car, if you have said licence.

    2. @Thisisanya Of course not, you are absolutely incorrect. I know parents to teach their 11-year-old girls to drive in case they need to escape dangerous situations. I began driving cars and trucks when I was 11 and I was a much better driver than most adults. I think you were believing some of the propaganda out there and not the realities of life.

    3. A few years ago, Walmart took out “Lawn darts” because they were too dangerous….but you can buy guns and ammo….LOL

    4. @Billy Cole II As I recall the problem with the lawn darts was that little children, perhaps 5 years on up, were playing with them and they were being impaled.
      Of course, we now have laws regarding children and firearms restricting weapons to age. Although years ago back in the 1950s, firearms were being advertised in various magazines such as “Boy’s Life.” If a young boy or a girl had the money ($150 about) the child could buy a World War II surplus rifle via mail order. Mail order! There were no mass shootings at that time. There were plenty of kids with guns though.
      At that time firearms were readily and easily available to almost anyone. Now we have draconian laws in various cities and in various states pertaining to firearms by type, by age, etc. Now we have background checks and we have a waiting periods. Some states even require you to get permission from government allowing you to purchase a firearm which is still illegal item. Look at all the problems we have now. Hey…Perhaps we just identified the problem.

    5. Hunter Biden even got a gun!! But he lied on his background check then got rid of the gun in a dumpster by a school. Authorities failed to recover it. Guess all Bidens are lying lowlifes.

  8. It is time to more background checks to keep guns off the hands of criminals and the self-proclaimed law abiding citizens. Common sense always worked to come with some common ground.

    1. @Linda Rock It’s like these people don’t actually bother to educate themselves on anything prior to forming an opinion.

      Yes, there are background checks, Hunter lied on his, which is a felony, but he gets away with it because he is a Biden. It is also “common sense” to not throw a firearm in a dumpster near a school, which a Biden also did.

  9. If simply banning something solved the problem we wouldn’t be in the middle of a drug epidemic. It’s actually a way of avoiding the real problem. It’s lazy because solving these problems will take years of hard work not just passing a law and calling it done. It makes people feel better but doesn’t actually make things better.

    1. The problem with that idea, is drug crimes are victimless. Your drug use puts you at risk, your gun craziness puts others at risk. Actually, if we legalized all drugs, but made guns harder to obtain, many gun deaths would be averted.

    1. Well he relaxed our immigration laws so we have a flood of foreign nationals coming into our southern border. Both children and adults are living in super spreader COVID-19 environment.
      Joe revamped the Obama administration “bathroom thing “but no promises to devastate female sports because individuals born as a male can compete as a woman. This also is highly upsetting to parents of junior in high school students because anybody can choose what bathroom or shower they want to go into.
      I believe Joe is getting some very poor advice some of the old retreads from the former Obama administration.

    2. @Thisisanya Did they mention this also? That is most surprising. I received the information from one of my clients who is a member of the U.S. Senate. He was very distressed. He is under tremendous pressure from the leadership in particular you Senator Schumer who is trying to keep everyone in line. I advised him to keep calm monitor and to let this situation work out.
      I will take your word for it about Faux. All you conservatives watch Faux quite a bit. I am surprised they mention this because they are part of the main stream media.

    3. @Thisisanya This attitude is part of the problem. Everybody with a thinking brain knows there is a problem at the border and it has nothing to do with Fox. Despite Biden’s gag order on DHS and border patrol and refusal to let media in the facilities, there are enough first hand accounts and investigative reporters giving on the ground intel. It is a mess. Strongest surge since 2000. They just caught two people from the terror watchlist but were forced to scrub the press release from the DHS site.

      If you think these are all well meaning people you are very gullible. This is a dangerous situation especially for the young children being trafficked.

      There is nothing compassionate about it. Enforce our immigration laws.

    1. Especially the Republicans. The progressives are the only people worth voting for these days.

    1. Well actually… if we want to get really technical about it… no, you can in fact legally obtain a firearm without an ID. One way would be to purchase what are called “80% gun kits” and then hunt around for the final parts needed to turn it into a 100% working firearm. People do this fairly often… it’s just not a very well-known loophole to the general public.

    2. @Billy Cole II Most of the loopholes that I’m familiar with involve either gun shows, or online sales. Not gun shops.

  10. I wonder if the guy realizes Joe selected him to be head of the AFT. It’s not the job he thought he was going to get.


  12. Hey BABBLING JOE, it’s “ATF”, NOT “AFT”.
    I would think that a guy like you, who “entered the Senate 120 YEARS AGO” would know this.

  13. The Founders made it clear that in the first part of the 2nd Amendment, because the gov’t operates a military to secure our free state, the People must also be armed to offset the potential for tyranny from our own gov’t. Especially since they just got done fighting the existing overseeing gov’t. The Arms the citizens are meant to bear, is to be of similar fashion to the standard infantry as an equal offset to tyranny, and to also answer the call to arms if the minute men are needed to help for national defense. Today, the standard infantry arm is the M4(AR) type weapon with various barrel lengths as needed, semi-automatic operation, and 30rd or more capacity magazines. How hard is this to understand?

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