President Biden Tells The Truth About The Tulsa Race Massacre 1

President Biden Tells The Truth About The Tulsa Race Massacre


Caleb Gayle, a native Tulsan, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that it was "quite powerful" for President Biden to describe the Tulsa Race Massacre in "graphic detail." Jelani Cobb, a staff writer for The New Yorker, says President Biden's honesty is needed because there are still white people in Tulsa who doubt the magnitude of the massacre.
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  1. A manifesto we’ve yet to fully realize:
    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
    The Preamble (and Philosophical Cornerstone) to the US Constitution

    1. @Eric S. I missed that overthrow. When was that? We had armed people take over? Oh no, that’s right, congress resumed same day as vote on the certification. That’s what it was about… but you forgot that.

      BLM is a fraudulent organization that takes advantage and damages the black community. How many have they killed, including children? How many homes and businesses destroyed? Take a look at founders. They are Marxist in theory but buy extravagant housing and prostitutes w the money donated. The black community has suffered bc of them, not been protected.

    2. @Eric S. and the way ANYONE treated matters. Stop the division. You may want to look into all that the past administration did for the communities, you would be surprised bc you’re on wrong track.

    3. @with heart Portland was happening under the watch of former Orange Utan from Moronlagoon

  2. I think we should go through history and put everybody on trial , and use standards that we have today and they’re wrongs that were wrong

    1. @AL- BOT Yeah, he has grown. He now loves for little “roaches” to sit on his lap and rub his hairy legs, right?!

    2. @AL- BOT nope. I’m fully capable of distinguishing between the two. You just can’t sit here and not hold Joey accountable for the words that came out of his mouth, but yet you want to hold all white people accountable for slavery that ended 165 years ago. None of us had anything to do with slavery. But joe Biden told a little girl she “looks19 with her legs crossed like that” a week ago.

    3. @P1RandyMarsh nobody said anything about holding all white people accountable. But Trump has been proving himself racist his whole life, and it’s well documented. All you have on Biden is something he said long ago.
      Now you are quite hypocritically complaining about something he said about a girl, that wasn’t really a bad statement, like Trump didn’t constantly make sexual remarks his whole life.
      You people are a joke.

    1. @D’ James Woodring, why we gotta point this out every time? The parties and their membership flip flopped since that time. The KKK who splintered from their own party were taken in by Republicans.

    2. @Muhammad the Prophet You are a sick, sick individual with a completely wrong view how Fascism was established in my home country. Stay out of topics you have clearly no idea of.

    3. @SolSere Jeremy, Germany wasn’t a national tragedy, but a human tragedy. And you sir are no more or less human than I.

    1. They aren’t in the truth business, NEVER have been, NEVER will be! Just spreading misinformation as norm.

    2. The truth hurts doesn’t it @Bill Tshudy, what’s not true? You have two survivors telling just what happened to them. It happened , it was a Massacre and it’s was started behind a lie that a white woman told. Many black men have died because of what white women said. Emmett Till is one of the others that comes to mind, which later the truth came out and she lied on him. She admitted it over 40 years later. It’s was their thing to lie on black men to have them lynched. MSN don’t have to lie it recorded in history. They were proud of what they did. Accept it it happened.

  3. Best takeaway from this “history is subject to change and not being shared depending on who’s in charge”

  4. Did he mention how it was the democrats and their supporters who did it? He’s been a friend with klans men like Robert Byrd, but I guess you don’t want to admit you voted for a real racist when you can still blame the Orange man

    1. Why do northern republicans fly the flag of the southern democrats, aka the confederacy. Really makes you think.

    2. @The Amber Abyss – The Democratic Party is the Party of slavery, Jim Crow, and treason. Facts are facts. Deal with it.

  5. Biden has been a chronic liar his entire life. Nice head line MSDnC.
    “Biden tells truth” – laughable

    1. @Justin Muraya exactly, because we all know Trump can’t open his mouth without telling a lie….. These people are real idiots.

    2. @Justin Muraya Story wasn’t about Trump, comment wasn’t about Trump, but he’ll love to know that he’s still ALWAYS ON YOUR MIND!

  6. If MSNBC has a headline that reads “Joe Biden tells the truth about…”, then I knew with absolute certainty that he’s lying.

    1. @Justin Muraya no, I just wouldn’t trust Joe Biden and I definitely wouldn’t trust MSNBC with anything.

    2. @Justin Muraya Not denying it never happened. The truth has been told for years about the Tulsa Race Massacre. Now, all of the sudden Biden is telling the truth about it? These headlines are incredibly biased for a person who didn’t want his kids growing up in a racial jungle. Also a person who didn’t think you were black if you didn’t vote for him.

  7. You cant have “Biden” and “truth” in the same sentence unless your saying he doesn’t tell the truth

    1. @Yoda Trump tax returns? 12 mile border wall? No wonder why you don’t know any of the lies Biden says

    2. @Yoda Don’t forget that Biden lied there wasn’t any vaccine when he became “president”, but he got it in December

    3. @Sean Rodgers literally nothing you are saying is remotely true lol. You just let the little black mirror tell you what to think and what to do okay buddy?

  8. Minority groups have been marginalized and messed with in just about every civilization and country in known history.

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