1. But he himself guaranteed that if you were vaccinated you would not get COVID, then he gets it two times in a row?

    1. @Matt T
      He also said he had cancer, and used the exact same story he used about how he got asthma explaining it.

  2. I’m quadruple boosted and have caught COVID numerous times, but I’m grateful for the protection my 6 shots have provided. 😂🤣🤣

  3. 🍻 It’s really great to see the “vaccine,” that you continually force, is keeping you “safe” Mr. President 😅Keep up the great work, Jack!!👍👍 🙄

    1. @Jeff Padgett
      Neither did my wife and I, or her parents who got covid and gave it to us just days after they got a booster shot.

    2. @1985cjjeeper Yeah the shots take a couple of weeks to reach their full potential. And unfortunately the potential isn’t going to be 100% with this style of vaccination, but it definitely has kept millions from a worse case or hospitalization.

      It’s a good thing recent strains don’t seem to be nearly as bad as some of the initial ones. Hope y’all are well. Thanks

  4. Possibly a ruse to keep Biden out of the public arena after so many mistakes, at least until after the mid terms. One must question that Biden even understands how deep he continues to dig his own political grave, in light of the past year’s performance. He stubbornly remains “tone deaf”, regarding the will of the population he often purports to represent.

    1. That’s what I thought when I heard he caught it for the second time, right after they were saying how great he’s doing, he suddenly comes down with it a second time in a week…?
      That sure does sound a little bit suspect

    2. @Denver Scott Especially when he was trashing President Trump for going to Walter Reed prior to having vax’s and treatments because he was able to hide out in his room again… I think too that the timing of the border wall being finished/filled in and his prior comments about it being racist when Trump was building the wall.

  5. 🤓 my God Mister don’t act like you’re coughing they might quarantine you or something what would America do then

  6. He just doesn’t want to hear questions why he has authorized building Trumps wall. I really miss mean Twits from a competent President.

  7. That is why you always from now, have to keep your facial mask on 24/7, 365 days out of the year! Do not venture out to stores, restaurants! Time to hunker down still!

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