1. The US never won the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. The Taliban and isis had an endless supply of new recruits. Bush Jr was a fool for trying to install a puppet government in Afghanistan.

    1. lmao, great comment Biden is destroying the planet and taking us into WW3, how about they do something about him, he is the real threat not us, and WW3 will be nuclear, thats has far greater consequences than our mundane lives they are trying to control via propaganda. Out with the Biden admin they are a danger to the entire planet, its not worth the sacrifice.

    1. Not only did he go back in time, he lied to everyone with the false claim of climate change being the cause.
      I highly recommend everyone to look up the flood of 1972 in Elmira NY due to tropical storm Agnes. It devastated chemung county. Yet, no cries back then about climate change. Smoke screen for democrats to tax us all the more for their overpriced solar and wind energy.

    1. In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

    2. Am so surprised you guys knows Mr Steven🇱🇷 his news are everywhere how he increases people’s profit. I respect him so much.

  1. “…the neat thing about America: every time we end up with a problem going into a serious circumstance, we come out better than we came in…” ~ Joe Biden @ 12:11 LOL. Except for 2021, when you’re president, Mr. Biden – due to your policies. Illegal boarder crossings (many of the them COVID-positive) at a 21-year high, inflation at a 13-year high (5.4% increase in the last year, alone) due to your outrageous spending, the worst (and pretty terrifying) foreign policy debacle since Vietnam, cowering to the Taliban, and much more. Your radical agenda is driving this great country to the ground, and you often hardly have a clue as to what you’re saying, or doing. You and Harris (another problem all-together): Resign.

  2. Even with a teleprompter, earpiece and notecards, Biden still looks and sounds like a lost old man who can’t remember where he parked his car. It’s really sad at this point when the cameras have to pull in so you don’t see how small the “crowd” was.

  3. I especially love how these morons don’t even show the part in the meeting he had about hurricane Ida where creepy child sniffing Joe said, “no community left behind”. What a disgrace! Of course these liars would leave that part out.

  4. When Joe Biden said “America is back,” he meant:
    Back to leading from behind.
    Back to kowtowing to our adversaries.
    Back to open borders.
    Back to rising inflation.
    Back to putting America last.

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