President Biden vows to codifying Roe if Democrats win in midterms | USA TODAY


  1. Yes, Joe, by all means,… please keep doubling down on abortion, climate change, and all the gender insanity.
    These are the issues that will destroy today’s “progressive” (AKA: far-left) democrat party.

  2. Abortion is a non issue. Abortion will always be available somewhere. And Besides Supreme Court will say no. Wasting air time.

    1. @Hania Powalka No, it isn’t. There are over 30 options for birth control including a morning after pill. How is this so hard? If you compare the percentage of women who get an abortion in the US to the # of women in the lowest IQ range, you will see a consistent #.

  3. Let me start off with two words, let’s go Brandon! After watching this three letters come to my, LMAO…

    1. @Graveside Poet Just last week when I visited my Dad who is a forester in the NW and voted for trump. When’s the last time you saw a dem worried about windmill cancer?

  4. It’s funny how they can do it now if they wanted to. But for some reason, they can only want to do it if we vote for them

  5. These women already have a choice and it’s to not get themselves in a situation to get pregnant in the first place.
    They are not men and need to stop acting like them.

  6. He better mean it because they have years to codify it but never do. One last chance for dems if nothing change I’m voting Bernie

  7. Midterms are finally HERE !!! Straight Red Ticket this election, vote every last Do Nothing Demoncrat out of office before we all go broke !😎👍🇺🇸

    1. You need 60 votes in the senate to get anything passed to avoid the fillibuster which they do not have; they don’t really have majority just a plurality.
      People say he could’ve done something but he really can’t.

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