President Biden vows ‘to hit Putin harder’ | USA TODAY

President Biden vows 'to hit Putin harder' | USA TODAY 1


    1. Exactly!!! They are blaming Russia on why our gas prices are going up every day ! That should be labeled as β€œ Misinformation β€œ .
      He needs impeached-

  1. Why is all this hard hitting of Putin actually end up hitting us harder. Can someone explain that to me?

  2. Yeah… I would say kinda embarrassing for US people … the man is barely talking

  3. And I reserve the right to treat “Russian-like” individuals who have issue with my position of power with political disparity until someone figures out the fact I plan not to respond or insult at all. A success? Feeding words?

  4. Bring the nuclear power to a critical life! What will come of it? The Russian people will not live in a world where there is no Russia. The world is over!

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