President Biden will not send the troops into Ukraine | USA TODAY

Biden says the U.S. will not send troops or equipment into Ukraine because of the potential to draw the country into World War III.

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President Joe Biden on Friday called for a removal of normal trade relations with Russia, allowing for new tariffs on Russian imports in yet another effort to ratchet up sanctions over Moscow’s intensifying invasion of Ukraine. Biden said the move will be another “crushing blow” to Russia’s economy. "The free world is coming together to confront (Russian President Vladimir) Putin," he said. "We’re going to continue to squeeze Putin."

Biden's proposal, which would require congressional approval, would put Moscow's trade relationship with the U.S. in the same category as North Korea and Cuba. The country was the United States' 26th largest goods trading partner as of 2019, according to the U.S. Trade Representative, with nearly $6 billion in exports and about $22 billion in imports.

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    1. @ARyzen you ought to read up on what the Saudi’s are doing to Yemenis or what Israeli’s are doing to Palestinians.
      To counter the above point, there were some of us condemning all acts of war across the world. Nobody wants to listen to us though.

    2. @Noneshere how about all the unprovoked terrorist attacks on us that started all that? did u forget that LITTLE part?

  1. Whose we because I don’t see your old self fighting any kinda battles. Hell I bet you can’t even win in a thumb war

    1. It is, media won’t show it, and America is trying to make it seem like Russia is a monster country, but nobody knows the truth and nobody bothers to know the truth because they’ll pay attention to any headline.

    1. enjoying the Kool Aide, Yusuke? . . . glad you like it. Don’t forget to send a postcard from Jonestown.

    2. The idea that this idiot is running his mouth and talking about ww3 is scary! Very scary! The criminal democrats and dementia Joe Biden seem to want to escalate and get the USA deeper involved in the Russian/Ukraine war so they and their rino friends in Washington can add to their fat bank accounts while the rest of us do all the fighting and bleeding!!

  2. Datz them own people against each other, if we go war dats our kin folks involve getting killed we always in somebody else business, prayers for children I feel for the kids doe, but they racist ova there anyway, we should put that energy into helping our own people here in USA, that money coulda went toward homeless,cancer patients, or veterans who been affected from previous wars

  3. Here’s the thing. I don’t necessarily agree with sending American troops into Ukraine. That being said, Biden should not have done this. You always leave that option on the table as a deterrent if for nothing else. That way at the very least Putin has to take a more measured defensive posture as a guard against a possible American deployment he now knows will never come.

    1. @LuckyStar ⭐️ I see that you response to everyone who called Biden a chicken chit.
      I’m not a war mongering. I was glad we got out of Afghanistan I wish Biden didn’t screw that up. I wish he crippled the oil business. These thing gave putin everything he needed. He already had a good idea Biden won’t do anything. Dnt lead with I can play putin I’m having a dress fitting. Go back and cry in ur beer.

    2. @LuckyStar ⭐️ you didn’t even understand my post either. Just another Gen Z pindo Russian troll.

    3. @Debra Legorreta NAZIs ready to die for the U.S. way of life? You do remember the U.S. was on the side who literally defeated the NAZIs. I don’t even understand your comment

    4. @LuckyStar ⭐️ 20% of your BTGs are not combat effective after just 2 weeks. Should I post more stats of your “Special Operation” so your brati can see the truth? Or maybe you should go somewhere else.

    5. @LuckyStar ⭐️ Lol, my bad. You didn’t cite anyone but your first response was under my post. My mistake 🙂

  4. Of course not because this is already done
    For this is the biggest scandal in the history of time
    Said the Lord God

    1. Biden won’t be facing anything, he will be hiding like a scared little rat in a bunker 2 miles underground. This guy is a complete failure

    2. @Greg Burright if Putin is ready to destroy the world with a nuclear exchange to have Ukraine the Russians better act and send in a straight jacket now. Cause their land won’t be cold for long either…

  5. It’s not Russia’s air space. It is Ukraines. Better move before the West is cutoff and then it will be too late. As for Poland worrying about what Russia thinks. Ask Belarus if they care what NATO thinks about their direct involvement in the conflict?

    1. The entire history of mankind
      suggests that the “expectation”
      of “peace”, is indication of the
      inability to live with “reality”…👈😁

    2. @Jack Bauer it’s All about Truth my Dear Jack.
      Ukraine is the Worst Victim of American and West Betrayl.
      In fact every one is sad about Ukraine destiny.

    3. @Muhammad Mehdi
      I’m hearing the “ramblings” of
      an “angry Muslim”…👈😁…

      I can get that on any vid
      of a “mosque sermon”….👈😁…

      Nobody, except you,
      is pissed off, because
      your “religion” tells
      you to bomb people,
      and you know better….👈😁…

  6. Remember what he said everybody we will not fight the war in Ukraine meaning we’re going to fight the war somewhere else

  7. Make no mistake: Russia is doing the very right thing for at least Russia and nothing will be on their way as the us did like it before : Iraq, Afghanistan and the Cuba missiles crisis.

  8. He doesn’t have to, the Pandemic is taking care of the losses, or should I say “the (pre-empted) casualties)”.

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