President Biden’s Approval Numbers At 63 Percent In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Biden's Approval Numbers At 63 Percent In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. What else do you feel entitled to be a part of if you can’t even get along with colleagues who would somewhat help you thrive ….

  2. Why do I get the feeling every time when Biden approval rating gets high the hive gets rattled up

    1. Yeah, Trump cultist take note on how a real PRESIDENT operates. COOL JOE is REPRESENTING all the people and not hating on people just because he don’t agree with them. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.

    2. @TheJimprez The left are more often referred to as “demonrats”, etc. “The swamp” generally refers to DC. Trump’s use of that term is part of his populist image and applies to more traditional, less Trumpian Republicans too.

      “The hive” is not really a common anti Republican slur either (there are many). It seems to be more of a reference to the army of hardcore Trumpists who frequent MSNBC (and other) comment sections like a swarm of busy bee political trolls. But that could be my misinterpretation. Like I say, it’s not a common slur like “Republikkkans” or “GQP.”

      You are right about civil war though. Many Trumpists have given up on democracy and are ready to apply the principle of might is right. Hence the Capitol riot. They are itching for a fight. I think the majority of Democrats would rather just stick to a war of words (seeing as they have the political power already). We will see.

    3. @Nicole Marsh Trump supporters are salty af it brings a tear to my eye 🥲🥲🥲

    4. @Mortac I don’t doubt that Russians (and others) are involved but I’m not so sure that most of them are foreign. It is hard to tell the difference between Trumpists and Russian bots these days though.

  3. So much higher than Trump ever was. That’s gotta sting.

    Edit: The polls are very much in line with how both, the former and the current president, are perceived outside the US. I certainly haven’t forgotten that our chancellor had to explain EU trade to Trump 11 times.

    1. @Vicki Bertrand the numbers are pumped by big dogs FANG and such. 95 percent of the market has been failing. Don’t pretend to know anything

    2. @Marla Hill how am I supposed to know which comment of mine your Referring to as stupid? Seems to me you just jumped in this conversation to call someone stupid based on one of my comments 🤷🏻‍♂️ You should think before you type first especially with insult you might end up looking uneducated. I wouldn’t point out Grammar errors unless I had an issue understanding what you’re trying to say. Unless of course that isn’t the main point of reading what you have to say.

    3. @Jeremy Backup ah the classic Hitler to Trump comparison? Can you idiots actually prove how Trump did anything close to Hitler? I bet you can’t name ONE without lying.

    4. @Jeremy Backup if you call Marxist and unamerican institutions teaching the youth to hate America based on lies and leftist propaganda then you would be the smartest person in the world, worthless PoS.

    1. @Kong Batman < 2 week account > OUCH! 🇷🇺 🤡 “Disinformation team “ member 🤣

    2. @PeacockPoverty A third of the deaths were from Demostupid Governors sending Covid patients back into assisted living facilities purposely! Not too bright dimwits.

    1. @Strawberries Nd Crème Of course-they already said the votes came from Panda Express!

    2. I said how I read about how Ancient Asians use to use babmbo to.jump on to make them grow taller there was an asian movie about how they fought a male and a female on bamboo trees jumping around anyways if a person jumps on bamboo before they hit puberty it makes them grow. In the US they were 8nstalling bamboo flooring in certain regions of public schools in the gymnasiums in elem and middle school. Seeing how they added hormones and stuff to the food puberty starts at diff ages now anyways I posted these findings on fb and lawd have mercy they prob thought bamboo fibers in paper would make the votes grow lol omgash. How funny

    1. @Matthew Thompson Oh really? Why not try to link me that study or the adults will assume it’s your political bs.

  4. Results oriented approach actually works not the Trump style of approach which was blaming bellyaching and whining about your challenges.

    1. I’m a Dem, but to be fair, a cheese sandwich would poll at around 60% when compared to trump’s reign of incompetence and corruption.

    1. @felex dacat you’re a few hours late to the conversation there sheep where you playing your video games

    1. @Chris Sheehan How many of our allies — you know, foreign friends? — has dumpy endangered or killed.

    2. @Matthew Thompson how are you Republicans against abortion but at the same time don’t take a public health issue seriously? Lmfao 😆

  5. Since Mitch McTurtle said he will oppose everything they should get rid if the filibuster and do what needs to be done. The repubs would have already done it. They have been clear no bipartisan actions. Bust it, pass everything!

    1. Personally, Since Mitch has said that no GOP senators will vote for anything Biden brings to the floor, they should all be put on unpaid leave. No normal company would continue to have employees who willfully sit around doing nothing.

    2. Your right the Republicans would have come up with some cockmamy thing for corrupt issues. We don’t need to deal with chaos anymore!

  6. I love boring. It is, boredom, so refreshing and sane I can hardly find the right words. My Parents, up in the Sound, are 90+ and I wish for them a worry free rest of their lives.

    1. @James Smith “Interesting”… perhaps but not the 1st choice that springs to mind when anyone mentions Drumph.

    2. @R Wags interesting is an apt description for 45, if you are some one who studies how the brain does or doesn’t work. The synapses don’t seem to be firing in the correct order, interesting?

    3. @Dave Rodgers True but for the vast majority, “interesting” is not the go to description.
      What would be interesting is finding an explanation for why a lying, racist, bigoted, corrupt, narcissistic psychopath… is accepted and supported by millions.
      We externals are totally flummoxed by that.

    1. @Joe B the Bush’s, Clinton’s Obama’s and Biden’s are corrupt globalist and members of the new world order do you think Republicans like Bush because we dont

    2. @Jao Bidan Why haven’t I heard about this on Fox News? Oh yeah… Not even Tucker Carlson can lie that bad.

      You Trumpists are getting really ridiculous now.

    3. @old school outlaw Trump and Kushner own businesses all over the world. McConnell’s wife and her family own a Chinese shipping business. Trump’s daughter has her products made in China. Sounds like globalists to me. Come up with some new material. That BS It’s getting old.

    4. @Nicole Marsh You are right. I was alive when the Louisiana case was overturned because it was ruled discriminatory and when Reynolds confirmation hearing was held on June 5, 1985. Reynolds served in the civil rights division of the justice department from 1981 and lied about a meeting with Black lawyers who he said agreed with him not initially filing a civil rights lawsuit against Louisiana? The senate judiciary committee consisting of 10 republicans and 8 democrats rejected his confirmation. That is where Biden read an official court document that included the “ n” word. It was not Biden’s own words. t guess that Jao Biden was not, alive then, or he wouldn’t be trying to spread the lie about Biden.

  7. When we have a hard working competent leader it’s not a surprise the majority of people will be encouraged by his job moving forward.

  8. This is the result of having an Administration that knows what they’re doing instead of lying and making things up to protect the fragile ego of an over grown Man-Child.

  9. This is very weird to hear the US in a positive light in terms of Covid. It makes me feel proud of my country , something I haven’t felt on a long time 🤠

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