President Biden's Inaugural Address: 'Democracy Has Prevailed' | MSNBC 1

President Biden’s Inaugural Address: ‘Democracy Has Prevailed’ | MSNBC


President Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address after being sworn in as the 46th president. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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President Biden's Inaugural Address: 'Democracy Has Prevailed' | MSNBC


    1. @JACK KNOPF It can only get better from here on out. It will certainly take a while to fix everything Dumpster did. Proof a failed businessman
      Cannot run a country. Have some more koolaid….cheers!!

    2. @shiloh miller Thanks for your opinion, clueless Demoncrat. You must have missed everything the Demoncrats did the last 4 years. Typical.

    3. @JACK KNOPF Trump actually has the worst job losses on record. EVER. Instead of doing your own research, you should probably look at research done by people who actually know what they are talking about.

    1. America seem to think we want their help … we don’t all you do is interfere and destabilise our democracies …. you are no friends of ours and your delusions are literally breath taking

  1. Such grace and honorable for Pence to be in attendance and great class for President Biden to recognize Pence that moment as Vice President. Yet, in Trump loss…Trump could never utter Bidens name. Trumps a true loser.

  2. It will take a while to get used to this – A whole speech about the American People and reality – NOT once did he say how great he is.

  3. Such a waste of valuable time, cleaning up Trump’s mess before we can move forward. Trump should go to jail, 400.000 dead Americans due to his lack of responsibility.

  4. You don’t know what you miss until it’s gone. WOW! I’m left a little emotional here. It’s more than refreshing to know there is real leadership again in this country.

  5. Not an American here, but its SUCH a relief to hear someone coherent speaking about the PEOPLE rather then his own little and isignificant person, trying to boost and stroke his own ego every few words. Good riddance to the orange menace and welcome to President Biden and VP Harris!

    1. @Rad tech He did better than Trump. Biden has always made gaffes. Trump always acted like he meant to say his mistakes. See Covfefe.

    2. @John Campbell You are really that stupid…say no more my friend..I totally understand your reasoning!! Hand outs!!

  6. I really did need that today. Hopefully today will be a move into the right direction. It wont be easy and it never is. We need hope and less selfishness now.

  7. From New Zealand – Thank you for voting in someone competent and compassionate as your president. Please don’t give the world another Trump ever again.

    I really hope that the USA now has healing and recovery and some space to grieve.

  8. Can’t believe how much I missed a normal person leading our great country. What a great speech by President Biden.

  9. This is how a person who holds the highest office should speak.I have missed this so much. No bullying or insults from the highest office. It is treated as sacred. He welcomed people who even tried to get his victory overturned not hurl insults because he felt attacked like 45,the baby in chief. Congratulations President Biden. We needed this decorum and inclusiveness

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