President Biden’s Infrastructure Package Faces Crucial Week in Washington 1

President Biden’s Infrastructure Package Faces Crucial Week in Washington


President Joe Biden’s political power will be put to the test this week as the Senate hold a key vote on Biden’s infrastructure package. Jacqueline Alemany, Congressional Correspondent for the Washington Post and New York magazine National Correspondent Gabe Debenedetti joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the stakes at play. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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President Biden’s Infrastructure Package Faces Crucial Week in Washington


  1. There will be NO infrastructure deal unto King Manchin says so and since he sold his soul years ago that will remain a hard no.

    1. Gina Hickman The fact that we will have another $2 trillion in circulation should frighten everyone, we will most likely see further increases of inflation, along with $6 trillion for the 2022 budget, we may see Weimar hyperinflation.

    2. @Clubber Lang oh Please. they will chop it anyway. but Biden is they only one passing Laws that will help People. The GOP only helping Themselves. Don’t Try to convince me. We need this Infrastructure Bill To pass. Get some of the dark Money out of play also. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Now move on Please. Thanks

    3. Gina Hickman An infrastructure bill where 7% of the bill goes for infrastructure doesn’t help anyone. We’re all about to get a whole lot thinner because of his wasteful spending.

    4. Gina Hickman I’m a bit surprised that Biden hasn’t lost his entire base over his latest comments, “communism is a failed system”.

  2. So the tax cheats dont have to pay taxes they legitimately owe, but the masses, who struggle to live decently, can foot the bill. Peasants and supposed aristocracy. Real people as opposed to the phonies. Wow. Really fair. The veneer of civilization grows thinner.

    1. Oh, get used to it. The dems run the show. And don’t expect anything to happen, look at NY and CA for example. Or Portland and Seattle (what’s left of it BLM am I right?). Odds are they take your tax money and pay Russia, China, Pakistan, ect…

  3. Look at these two America haters. 30 trillion in debt and they’re laughing. God help us.

    1. I have to think you would be in favor of helping the IRS collect the unpaid taxes from the people cheating, unless you are one of the cheaters.


    3. Henry Fourquart what does thirty billion in debt not have to do with uncollected revenue? And perhaps it would be wise to remember the admonition about not worrying about a speck in someone else’s eye while you may have a beam in yours.

  4. Oh good, it’s been nearly an hour since infrastructure week, thank god it’s infrastructure week!

  5. Infrastructure bill = how can we look like we have done something to protect their phoney baloney jobs while lining their pockets with special interest kick backs…

    A political trick as old as time both parties use to try and change the topic….

  6. 7 months later and Im still not seeing any of these 80 million folks that “Voted” for this clown show.

    1. Incredible, isnt it, what we have allowed to metastasize? What filthy and unconcerned individuals they are!

  7. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

    Abraham Lincoln

  8. Schumer should tell the Senate that all Senator’s can’t leave for August break until they pass the infrastructure bills, then they will pass it

    1. Only 7% of the infrastructure bill is being spent on infrastructure, I’d rather see it shot down by republicans that to pass, the inflation that it will cause will outweigh any good that it will do.

  9. Hes completely out of his mind. “He brought this economy back from the brink” thats not me laughing, he was laughing when he said it.

  10. WHY did VP Harris make an unscheduled trip to the hospital Sunday? Her office says it was a routine visit but no one goes to the hospital on a Sunday for a routine anything!

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