President Biden’s Quiet Diplomacy On Israel | Joshua Johnson | MSNBC 1

President Biden’s Quiet Diplomacy On Israel | Joshua Johnson | MSNBC


The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is holding after two weeks of violence. The pause came after mounting pressure from international leaders. Progressive Democrats, in particular, pressed President Biden to demand a ceasefire. Instead, the President opted to execute diplomacy behind closed doors. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke with Rep. Andy Levin (D-MI) about what role the U.S. needs to play in preventing future violence.

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President Biden’s Quiet Diplomacy On Israel | Joshua Johnson | MSNBC


    1. How embarrassing, Cheeto Jesus lost in a landslide election to an elderly man whose barely awake, has a scummy son, and he even knew the loss was going to happen, but still couldn’t stop it. What a leader!

    2. @nanochase I agree that the orange buffoon knew he was losing big time. He replaced Brad Parscale as campaign manager when the guy showed him the numbers. That’s when he started saying “we can only lose if the elections are rigged”.

    3. @Richard De Fortune agreed, DT had access to the greatest cyber resources available to all of humanity, yet couldn’t fix the election, despite that being something we’ve done to Central America for the past 70 years. What an incompetent fool, even George W Bush got reelected and he’s not even literate.

    4. @40-Mile Desert Rat your savior still lost. At any point DT could have instigated a 1298-class recall of the election under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but instead we got his drunk yankee lawyer wasting our time for 3 months.

    1. Hamas is not in West Bank nor in Jerusalem. So why are there settlements and evictions in those areas?

    1. So Israel can just continue to raid places of worship, illegally remove people from their homes and violate international law by building settlements on land that does not belong to them?

  1. If you’re going to cajole Netanyahu then forget about the 2 states solution. Will Netanyahu dismantle the settlements? If not, you’re wasting people time.

  2. Uh… mean DELIBERATE DESTRUCTIVE decisions made by the
    Trump administration….and also
    The US needs to…..sweep and clean up
    Our house ( Jan. 6/the ) BEFORE directives can be given to anyone so
    Now is the time to get busy!!!!

  3. And they deserve a full coherent country, is not so hard. Give them back the country all nations have agreed on from borders of 1967. Give Israel 1 year to comply or face full issolation.

  4. Well, when you sleep 16 hours of a 24 hour day, what else can you expect other than “quiet”?

  5. “Quiet” translation:
    “ OH F! Hamas spent the countless millions that I reinstated them on missiles purchased from Putin, Xi, and The Ayatollahs! .. Now wtf am I supposed to say!”

  6. I love how Kamala and Biden stay silent and don’t comment on pressing issues and the media seem to congratulate them for some sort of quiet diplomacy. What about the border crisis and what about high crime in democrat cities run by persons of color with a dislike for the police ? That’s not a coincidence

  7. A god told the Jews to steal land from the Palestinians, then it told the Christians to pay for it, then it told the Palestinians to fight for their land. Now this god has all three factions killing each other among their sacred places.
    Gangster. This god is playing all sides for blood and worship…

  8. If it were the Stable Genius in charge, he’d have rage tweeted that Israel needs to ramp up the bombing because it as Hamas who started it when they blew up that warehouse in Lebanon, never mind the fact that Lebanon isn’t Israel.

  9. Joshua Johnson asked exactly the right questions (how can we insist they come together when we can’t seem to show by example?).

  10. The only reason Israel still exists is because of support from the United States. The U.S. could put enough pressure on Israel to make the 2 state solution happen, but I doubt they will put that kind of pressure on Israel.

    1. I wonder if it’s because our government is afraid the Israeli government would expose U.S. government secrets.

  11. This conflict has been going on longer than the Soviet Union existed, so why can’t Biden fix it now that the TV is talking about it for the next 3 weeks.

  12. I’m sorry but as a progressive, we are demanding a whole lot more then just a cease fire. Stop the illegal settlements! Stop the Apartheid! Stop the daily attacks on protesters! Stop the ethnic cleansing.

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