President Donald Trump About Ghislaine Maxwell: ‘I Wish Her Well’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

When asked about Ghislaine Maxwell during the coronavirus briefing, President Trump says “I have met her numerous times over the years,” adds that “I wish her well.” Aired on 7/21/2020.
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President Donald Trump About Ghislaine Maxwell: ‘I Wish Her Well’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Kirk Moore STOP. Pedophilia is in bot parties’ PERIOD. Don’t let your political bias warp your way of thinking.

    2. @nescoBE Who said anything about parties. It’s American conservative ideology which sympathizes with pedophilia.

  1. Call me crazy, but I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that Trump may be dishonest. 🤪

    1. How can you think something like that? I am shocked, because he will tell you that he is a genius in his own mind and………….. (OOPS, I just saw some Porcine flying creature’s fly past my Window!)

  2. Mara Lago: where Maxwell recruited her victims. Underaged girls working at the Mara Lago spa….a verifiable fact.

    1. @ihave35cents Donald “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side” Trump

    2. Just the thought of what went on in that horrible prison of his. Makes me want to vomit. Did you know one of Trump’s “conspiracy theories” is that The Clinton’s has something to do with Jeffrey Epstein’s death?

    3. @Chris Dee More likely Donny trying to make sure that an unstable little sh>t like Epstein didn’t spill the beans!

    4. @ihave35cents Of course. Now then, how does that relate to Donald Trump when he knew about and praised Epstein’s behaviors. Keep in mind Donald Trump himself has bragged about barging into the dressing rooms of teen contestants when he owned the Teen USA beauty pageants.

  3. Everyone who watched the Netflix Documentation about Epstein knows, that Orange monkey was involved in all of this – he loves very young women (lipsync She‘s Hot…)

    1. Tim P Trump has done many with Epstein believe me. Many conservative Republicans are in to little girls and boys.

    1. There’s an interesting quote by Napoleon that applies well here. “Never interrupt an enemy when he’s making a mistake.” Biden staying out of the way works very well, as Trump has nothing to respond to, and since he can’t keep his mouth closed, repeatedly gives Biden more and more to eventually work with.

  4. ‘Underaged women’ are girls. They were children. Stop using the word ‘women’ to describe them, as though they could ever have consented to the abuse they suffered.

    1. Billy Cole II are you going with the “standard sexual predator defence” you laughable little NCT? Is that your best attempt to emotionalise the issue and blame the victim. Go home and try to grow a little my possum.

    2. @santa’s brother Laws are extra and arbitrary conditions, imposed upon us all by whatever society think should be the norm. That’s why laws change. I was speaking purely as a scientist. Science is absolute.

    3. Oh stfu. Many states have set age of consent at 16. And other countries like Philippines have age of consent of 12, and age of consent of 13 in Japan. Chill!

    4. Ella if you NCTs prefer children as sexual partners (coerced or simply forced) then we decent folk will just have to catch you ring by ring, but we are not falling for you tired attempts at emotionalising the issue to try and distract from the real concerns here.
      You NCTs reek of desperation these days….

  5. bunkerboy ‘s attempt to tell her that he’ll pardon her if she forgets his underage experiences

    1. Char Barr’s father was a mentor to a young Epstein. Gave him a job he was unqualified for in a prep school Barr Sr. was administrator of. It makes you wonder who was mentoring who or pimping for who!

    1. or….and loathe trump believe me.. or…there’s nothing there..but he wants the media to pick up on this..distraction… and say it was a hoax when there’s no ‘there-there’ . and lump everything as a hoax. only thing that’s a hoax is him.

    2. I believe so too..I know there’s some disgusting powerful politicians out there that are scared sh!tless that Max would blow whistle just look at what happen to that judge! Donnie most likely is involved.

  6. Trump wishing this female sexual predator well does not surprise me in the least as for over a decade he was friends with Jeffery Epstein during their human trafficking ring. I have no doubt just like Prince Andrew Trump was involved with under age girls too.

    1. @Ultimate Awesome whoever the trump girl was she is 38 now. It was on Shaun Attwoods channel. She accused a Trump lady, for being there in 1996. I dunno where that interview is. Shaun has made too many.

  7. Trump is sending Maxwell the same signals he sent to Roger Stone. He’s hoping she doesn’t reveal everything she knows about him and the crimes he committed with his longtime friend Jeffrey.

    1. astute of you~
      God..the amounts of dirt the likes of Stone, Maxwell and especially Cohen must have on orange chump must be tons!! No wonder he doesn’t sleep well at night..that explains his orangeness

  8. He’s going to send Bill Barr in to investigate the investigation, tweet how she is being treated unfairly and then dangle a pardon to her through social media.

    1. Barr already tried it. He fired SDNY’s Geoffrey Berman under Trump’s orders and tried to put his own guy in there. Fortunately that didn’t work and Ghislaine was arrested anyway.

    2. I do not doubt it for a second, especially if she or one of her lawyers praises Drumpf at a press conference…

  9. I wish her well. Translation… I wish she doesn’t say anything about me. Don’t worry I’ll pardon you😏

    1. EXACTLY! This is a message to Maxwell. Play nice and I will take care of you. Don’t play nice, and you may have an untimely suicide.

  10. Now if Trump’s wishing Ghislaine Maxwell well then it’s clear someone may do a hit job on her and he knows it’s coming.

  11. Is that a threat to Maxwell as she is likely to get “Epsteined” while in Barr’s detention?

    1. judie suh Oh no…the decades long sexual predator suddenly felt remorse and killed himself when he coincidentally wasn’t being watched in Barr’s jail.
      Yes…nothing to do with what Epstein knew or might reveal. All just a sad coincidence…oh yeah…what about the dozens and dozens of victims?
      Perhaps Maxwell might shed some light on it all, or will Trumpsteak pardon her with Barr’s help?
      Keep watching….

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