President Donald Trump, GOP Accuse Schiff Of Orchestrating Complaint | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Donald Trump, GOP Accuse Schiff Of Orchestrating Complaint | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


During a day where the president lashed out at Democrats and members of the media, there was one NYT report he didn't seem to mind: A story detailing the timeline of when Rep. Adam Schiff learned of the C.I.A. officer's concerns. Aired on 10/3/19.
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President Donald Trump, GOP Accuse Schiff Of Orchestrating Complaint | Morning Joe | MSNBC

56 Comments on "President Donald Trump, GOP Accuse Schiff Of Orchestrating Complaint | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Donald J(ackhole) Trump: Projector & Thief

    • Yet he’s winning.  Too bad your losers in Congress can’t even make it up anymore.  Schiff has been exposed as a liar yet again.

    • @Jeffrey Meade Yet again? Come on, Jeff! It’s time for bed. Leave Mommy’s computer alone and out those PJs on.

  2. I thought the NYTimes was “failing” and “fake news” 😂
    Trump is scrambling for any defense that he can stick.

    • I love it when he talks out of both ends.

    • Crystal Giddens | October 3, 2019 at 11:59 AM | Reply

      Australian government – Our assistance *”Required no prodding”*
      *Australian government was “ready to assist and cooperate” with the DOJ*
      *The fact that the Trump administration is reaching out to foreign governments to assist the DOJ probe should come as no surprise to the Times or anyone else.*

      *Much like Zelensky, who dispelled notions that he was “pressured” soon after the allegations arose, a spokesman for Morrison also threw cold water on the narrative, stating the Australian government was “ready to assist and cooperate” with the DOJ investigation and required no prodding.*
      *The fact that the Trump administration is reaching out to foreign governments to assist the DOJ probe should come as no surprise to the Times or anyone else.* The DOJ has made no secret about its ongoing investigations into the Russiagate saga, while in June the department said its probe would look into the activities of “foreign intelligence services.”

    • It is only ever fake if it is correct information about him. Even Faux News is fake when they put out polls that show Dump is losing to Dem candidates.

  3. Trump holds up the “big story”, which he obviously hasn’t read

  4. Alexis Mitchell | October 3, 2019 at 11:43 AM | Reply

    It took me less than five minutes to actually *read* the article. It literally said the opposite of what Trump accused Chairman Shiff of.

    • Fiction.

    • @Don Williams haha, yeh political setup. Except for the fact we read the transcript from the phone call. I suppose that’s fake as well?

    • J C Why wouldn’t he move quicker? Hmmm Why didn’t Feinstein DEM, want to move “quicker” with Kavenaugh? She knew when he sat with her and she asked all types of questions. Then she and others knew during the confirmation hearing, yet no word. ONLY when it was time to vote did they bring it up. Same thing they did with Moore in Alabama. NOTHING until the deadline to replace a candidate did, “he molested kids at a mall” come up, hmmm It’s the DEMS playbook.

    • unwishfulthink what was a made up quote?

  5. All the lies and bluster don’t change the underlying claim.

    • All the lies are from Schiff and Pelosi.  You’re just too damned stupid to realize how this fiasco is starting to backfire.

  6. trump’s cell is gonna be pretty nice tho

  7. Tr’mp is a scam. Vote the gop out. 87% of the tax cuts went to the top 1% …. Everyone knows who$ $ide tr’mp, his admin & the gop are on…

    • B spearbach Hmmm yet the NYT debunked that claim. As they said and others, that tax cut HAS HELPED 85% of ALL AMERICANS. Don’t get mad because your McDonalds job isn’t working out for you.

    • @Don Williams your funny hahahaha let tr’mp show his tax returns like he promised…oh thats right.. Tr’mp is a serial liar & racist… btw Don eat McDonald’s ? Hahahaha

    • Cankle’s fupa will save you from big bad mean old Trump don’t worry. FUPA WILL SAVE YOU

  8. Mr. Schiff, please don’t stop orchestrating. It’s time orange Julius Caesar faces the music.

  9. As if that mattered. As if Trump didn’t make that call. As if Trump ever told the truth on any subject.

    • Speaking of the truth, here’s 3 things the corrupt media will never tell you:

      1. The Whistle-blower hoax will fizzle out like all the others (Russia, Stormy, blah, blah yawn).
      2. Dems will NEVER vote to start impeachment proceedings against Trump.
      3 Many of corrupt Pelosi’s constituents live in abject poverty (google “pelosi homeless” for proof).

    • @Cody Hackjob Good luck with that!

    • So who is denying that the President made a call?  You think phone calls are illegal?  The transcript clearly shows he said not one thing wrong.  He made no threats.  Do you even realize that Adam Schiff orchestrated this entire fiasco and has tried unsuccessfully to reword the transcript.  Or are you so blinded by hate that you just don’t care if its actually true or not.  You people are crazy.  This is starting to unravel and backfire and you don’t even know it.  DUMB!

    • Cody is exactly right.  The wheels are already starting to come off the democrat clown car.  This entire fiasco is going to backfire and lose the House to Republicans.  Meanwhile according to The Hill Trump’s approval has risen to 49%.  How about that?

  10. Even if they *_were_* scams, I still wouldn’t want a POTUS who gets scammed on a daily basis.

  11. Gump’s entire existence just proves that even a pile of feces can apparently be taught to speak.

  12. Adam Schiff was a successful federal prosecutor who actually caught Russian spies. Think about that. No wonder Donald is having intense flop sweat.

    • Quiet Entropy And Rudy was a Prosecutor who SHUT DOWN THE MOB. Yet now you clowns call him names. Why did Schiff take a call from a “Russian”  and said yes, I want the pics and to talk to the 2 witness’ yet never report that call as YOU AE SUPPOSE TO?

  13. Sewing doubt into the minds of his believers, sounds like what Satan said to Eve!

  14. The DoJ also knew about the whistleblower’s complaint before it was released.

    • Tres Kewlshoes But they never came out and said..DUH, I never knew anything about before just now.

    • And I want to know the EXACT date the CIA counsel went to the WH counsel (wtf?!) and compare THAT date to the date the actual transcript of the call was moved to the code word secret server…. did they move that transcript after being informed it might be a subject of a whistle blower complaint?

    • @Don Williams This was said last week. You just don’t care to actually look up correct information because it might hurt whatever pride is left that you can cling to.

    • @Don Williams BFD. It remain true that Schiff and congressional democrats don’t know what is in the complaint until now. And when the whistleblower went to congress (happens all the time), congressional staffers send him to intelligence IG. Republican Senator Richard Burr has already debunk your disinformation. Stop repeating Trump’s lies.

    • Pompeo “ I haven’t read the transcript so I cannot comment on it. Fact—Pompeo was in on the call why the lie.

  15. That is like a serial arsonist calling people out for playing with matches.

  16. You can tell Trump made that up on the fly. “I’d go a step further… that’s the word.”

  17. The Whistleblower would not tell his or her name and law.

  18. Mary Jane Freemont | October 3, 2019 at 12:03 PM | Reply

    why, Why, WHY do we give this treasonous liar the mic? WHY??

    • Because the corrupt Dems and media have a ton of mics, and they lie constantly. Duh!

    • @Cody Hackjob To your point Trump was only a Dem up until he ran for POTUS, at which point he had claimed ‘If I were to ever run for office, I’d run as a Republican, they watch Fox news and will believe anything’.

      But sadly, he’s now a Republican, during the height of his corruption and criminality. He’s dragged the entire GOP into his corruption. Prior to Trump, Republicans in office were arrested for High Crimes at 5 times the rate as Democrats. I imagine Trump will push this stat even higher by the end of his term.

      As you point out, you have to be for corruption and against America, to vote for a Republican at this point in History.

    • @Jeremy Backup Great factual point. Not to mention, Dump holds the current record for most cabinet members either fired, resigned, forced out, and/or arrested. At least he can boast about something.

  19. Schiff has the stable genius’ attention. Good.

  20. mari turcios-martell | October 3, 2019 at 12:17 PM | Reply

    What a clown😂😭 it’s a scam, I scam I tell you, a scam…. it was a perfect call😂😂😂😂😂😂

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