President Donald Trump Has A New 'Ex' As Bolton Extends Ignominious Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

President Donald Trump Has A New ‘Ex’ As Bolton Extends Ignominious Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on the departure of John Bolton, Donald Trump's third NSA, from his job at the White House and looks back at his track record under two presidents.
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President Donald Trump Has A New 'Ex' As Bolton Extends Ignominious Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Hank Terreros : This is why Bolton was fired. He’s a mad dog, and I’m GLAD he’s out. But, Putin had him fired, because Bolton wants to confront Iran and Venezuela; the two countries in which Putin has more resources embedded than Syria . . .

    1. Vince Fernandez There has been nothing but chaos, scandals, lies and corruption from the first day Donald the lunatic highjacked the W H. The world is watching this insane circus with fear. Donald can´t be seen as a real president of the USA.The republican congressmen/women are responsible for this lunacy. They know he is dangerous, a traitor and deeply criminal, still they defend him. The Republican Party is no longer a democratic party. The party of law and order? What an irony!
      Sent from Sweden

  1. Trump knows less than nothing, and yet he refuses to listen to the experts with years of experience in their fields. Instead of surrounding himself with highly qualified experts, he has surrounded himself with C and D list sycophants, roguish grifters, and the most unqualified and unprincipled staff of  neophytes ever assembled. As it stands now, only this most unqualified, unprincipled, and quite possibly, mentally disturbed people would want the job as his National Security Adviser.

    1. Well, “National Security Adviser” is a glorified Crisis Acting job for the Pentagon.
      What “Expertise” exactly are we talking here?

    2. @Mind Freshener The Expertise Trump is looking for is *Bootlicking*
      For the Bootlicker, keep your mouth shut, cash tax payers money monthly, try to sit out the 4 years and than disappear!

    3. Trump must always be the smartest person in the room, therefore he surrounds himself with idiots. It’s a classic symptom of clinical narcissism.

    1. SaiiBoost : You know it was Putin who had Bolton fired, right? Bolton’s insane, but he wants us to challenge Venezuela and Iran; the two countries that Putin has more embedded resources than Syria

  2. If we have learned anything over the last few years and last week, Trump retroactively has the records modified, be it with a Sharpie, from bullying with his pack of lemmings, through his TV stooges, or from his orifice of lies. Count on it, he’s pretending to have fired the Walrus of the White House. The GOP are Trumps lemmings they will be jumping off the cliff very soon. #GOPTrumpLemmings

  3. Bolton said he had let Trump know the previous evening that he was going to resign. Trump said to meet the next morning. I believe Bolton.

    1. mine own you’re right but there’s a bright side! Maybe Trump will be satisfied touching himself from now on, because I think he grew a big vagina on his neck. Check it out, tell me I’m wrong

  4. Trumps Penchant for Chaos is easily explained. The more chaos Trump creates around himself, the less his own Chaotic Behaviour is evident to the non observant and Willfully Ignorant. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  5. Do remember, the Repukes left the peoole out in New Jersey and New York after Sandy, so whats else is expected from the Walrus 45?

    1. @Frank Winkhorst I cant really agree with that though I understand the purpose. I simply wish that all American politicians took the sensible view and removed him from office under the 25th Amendment.

    2. @Seine O’More Now, I’m no spring chicken or even a party animal (some might disagree with that actually but most people are quite reserved at parties for fear of embarrassment: not something I’m overly afflicted with)… but even I know that by the fridge isn’t the right place to be at for a party… a relaxed chair, dance floor or bed (or something you can use for similar purpose) – if you’re lucky 😉 are preferable.

  6. Every time Trump loses another White House personality, it becomes obvious, the only type of personality, Trump can tolerate is the sycophant. How many Americans are left who are still willing to take on the job of feeding this juvenile’s insatiable appetite for endless praise?

  7. Notice how Trump was eyeing up McMasters uniform
    Bet his little inside voice was saying, “Gee Donald, you should have a uniform like that with all the medals”,

    1. @John Swofford You mean he doesn’t secretly run off to Potomac, Maryland, where Melania is currently living? ;o)

  8. I wish everyone would stand up and tell the big baby “NO!” “You can’t do this anymore!” Shake youy finger in his face if you have to pop him on the wrist if you have to!

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