President Donald Trump has been impeached, again | USA TODAY 1

President Donald Trump has been impeached, again | USA TODAY


President Donald Trump has been impeached…again

President Trump has been impeached after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol while Congress was certifying the election of Joe Biden.

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    1. TRUMP has all the righ moves, but the wrong family, thats why they wanted him out, most of the others like nancy Pelosi are Roman catholics. kuchner was not wanted, why because he lives at 666. Trumps money was going to him. These people was not having it they saw him as Damien Thorn, the whole of them had to go.

  1. interesting…9 months for a 2nd stimulus …1 day for an impeachment…there is more than one circus in town…CONGRESS…

    1. You can put all the blame on Mitch McConnell and the Senate for that. He was the one holding up the vote for stimulus.

    2. TRUMP was the first hope America has ever had since JFK, and he warned the world about sensorship of the NEWS in 2020 and 2021. And he has been dead since 1963, so how old is the plot against the american people?.

    3. @The Watcher wasn’t the last check 600? Asking from England where apparently my phone doesn’t have a dollar sign

    1. Just heard the Georgia Congress Woman Last name Green said, the next day after Biden’s inauguration, she is bringing Impeachment against Biden.

  2. Impeach the senators and representatives. Congress has been disrespecting the constitution for generations

  3. I just quit my job… democrats promised free healthcare and education for all plus lots of my fellows receiving lifetime financial aids.

    1. He was impeached by the House months back. No President has been impeached by the Senate and therefore removed from office. Yet.

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