President Donald Trump: The Whistleblower Should Be Protected If They Are 'Legitimate' | MSNBC 1

President Donald Trump: The Whistleblower Should Be Protected If They Are ‘Legitimate’ | MSNBC


President Trump told reporters that the whistleblower should be protected if they "are legitimate" and says that the person who gave the whistleblower information is "a spy." Aired on 10/2/19.
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President Donald Trump: The Whistleblower Should Be Protected If They Are 'Legitimate' | MSNBC


    1. @E M. : He wants the whistleblower to be dumped in the East River wrapped in a concrete blanket! What a [t]Rump! A bison’s rear end is cleaner and more sanitized than his brain! Enough!

    2. @E M. – In none-too-thinly-veiled terms, #45 *already has said, just that* regarding the whistleblower…and those that assisted him/her.
      #45 – *So* embarrassing for America…and pretty d*mn ‘unpatriotic’, really.

    3. Keith you are 100% right. That is the only reason the whistleblower is protected from crazies that would whack them. The troubling fact that the whistleblower and their sources were all Republicans in the White House. It would seem a few Republicans still believe in the Constitution and not in the illegal activities of Trump. They are all well known to the President, and have been close to him, and were working inside the White House and State Department. All of the hundreds of other White House leaks were from Republicans as well, Keith. They are the only ones that have access to such information….. Republican support for Trump seems to be on the decline as well as all those Republican White House employees that have left in the last few years.

  1. It’s none of Trump’s business how credible this Whistle Blower is.
    That is for OTHER PEOPLE to worry about.

    1. If your channel (thanx, Billy Yonet) photo isn’t enough to scare people, I don’t know what would! Very good choice!!!

  2. His transcript says the same thing the whistleblower said

    Let’s remember the president of Finland is sitting right next to him in this video.

    1. @Byron Tudor the economy? Were heading into a recession. He only has tax cuts for the rich. He has messed up most foreign relations and the wall is a joke. Your brainwashed and supporting a treasonous con artist.

    1. Dewin Vega I spoke like him once and I was promoted to vice-president in charge of sitting by the door. At least they TOLD me it was a promotion. I’m still sitting here, though.

  3. He said “The whistleblower should be protected if “legitimate”, BUT….”

    So basically, he just doubled-down on his earlier threats & is still going after the whistleblower since his usage of the word “but” contradicts everything said before it, in addition to him questioning the proven validity of the whistleblower.
    Maybe his lawyers asked him to modify his prior threats towards this person’s wellbeing.

  4. He is the KING of all reversal speak.
    You can decipher everything he actually means by switching “them“ to “I“

    1. A 6th grader isn’t a corrupt, insane narcissist. And, is smarter and more honest. Bad comparison.

    2. @northerniltree agreed that a 6 grader not insane and corrupted compared to this guy… so should we call him crazy old man? Lol

  5. He’s falling apart. He’s an actual babbling fool. There’s an obvious lag time between his mouth and his brain.

    1. Brian Thompson right! First he says whistleblower is a TRAITOR now he wants to protek lmao what a revolving door

  6. “What happened in 2016 is a disgrace to this country”. We know. We all know. The democrats are trying to fix that now.

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