President Donald Trump Threatens Cultural Sites, Mike Pompeo Says Otherwise | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Google is hiding Trump Supporters Posts!~!!! Google is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! Google can Hide our Posts But Google CAN’T HIDE OUR VOTE!

    1. @Vic Someone And the US is just a geographic location on the planet made up of soil, mountains and cities. How can that be a terrorist organization? Don’t you mean the people that run the country like the country? Nope! Its all the grass and trees that are terrorists! Great logic. Anti Americans are not really smart

    2. Handsome Squidward So, does Iran have long range drones with something like Hellfire missiles that could reach….oh…Florida?

    1. @Willy S , you poor chumps have been Saying that for years! Welcome to Reality!
      President Trump will be reelected for another 4 years! Muhahha

    1. @Jeremy Backup I saw that too, Jeremy. I was astonished as to the real stupidity and blind loyalty to Trump. I couldn’t believe that this many people… do not read. I knew they wouldn’t read the Mueller Report (which anyone with an I.Q. over 98 could conclude that Trump “obstructed the investigation” 9-10 times) because it was too many pages (over 428 pages).

    2. It’s the President’s Constitutional responsibility to look into treason in foreign lands. The suspect is running for President? All the more reason to ferret out the truth. Biden is the corrupted one, bought and paid for.

    1. and all his trump towers. that would be a good thing, and also all his homes he’s been buying up on his windfalls as president!

    1. @monk loss We gave them back their own money and the anti- nuclear agreement was working.But Trump didn’t like it because Obama made the deal.Since thenTrump has been screwing with them with sanctions.Now He killed their second guy. For good or for bad,He egged this situation on.

    2. @monk loss Why was there the Iran Contra? Why did Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden get billions? All under 1 Republican president. On never mind, I think you’re a troll.

  1. If threatening war crimes isn’t impeachable, then what is? Do we really have to wait for him to do it first?

    1. @Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! being impeached is the same as being accused. The Senate is the jury innocent until proven guilty

  2. *Trump:* Iranians are dancing in the streets with joy and celebration!

    *Reality:* Mass mourning and widespread outrage 🤦‍♂️

    1. @Emily Moss , have you been to iran? How can you call something a lie if you were not there or ever had been there moron!

    2. @Google User , The Senate’s decision on impeachment has not been ruled. Oh wait….Republicans OWN THE SENATE!!! IMPEACHMENT DENIED!!!

    3. Sharon Mores … Thanks Sharon, that’s what I thought!
      Mourning and angry.
      Not celebrating.
      Peace and health be with you

    1. @dstmars1 That will probably be the Republican defense “He is not sophisticated enough to know what a cultural site is” Just like he is not sophisticated enough to successfully carry a “Quid pro quo” according to some of his enablers.

  3. It scares me that an old man who, without a foot in reality anymore, is threatening war crimes via Twitter.

    1. If you think this was scary wait to 2024. He’ll burn your WH to the ground just to get in the news!

    2. He was a power tripper before he was elected. He’s in his element now, nothing can stop him…and he’s got his finger on the button.

    3. only reason he in the news is because everybody is crying that hes still our President. When will you cultish leftist Klan members let this go?

    4. tainty freshness he’s in the news because he constantly has so many scandals and is corrupt. I’m a Republican and can admit that. He is not beyond reproach.

    1. according to sir Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Suleimani’s Shoe Worth More Than Trump’s Head

    2. Google is hiding Trump Supporters Posts!~!!! Google is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! Google can Hide our Posts But Google CAN’T HIDE OUR VOTE!

    1. You didn’t see the recent magazine cover with Liddle Donnie Jr. Holding an assault weapon with a Christian Cross on it?

    1. according to sir Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Suleimani’s Shoe Worth More Than Trump’s Head

      looking at the dishonest corrupt lying shithole of a country it actually is I guess they weren’t so smart after all.

    2. Until Americans take to the streets and shut down the country – he is every Americans president. You complacency is your vote for him.

  4. Never thought I’d see the day when a US president would openly threaten another country with terrorist attacks on cultural sites.

    1. @Emiliano Jimenez that general orchestrated the protest and destruction at US embassy in Baghdad. what do you suppose those iranian protestors would have done to the people inside if they had breeched the building? they, and the general only left when they knew US Marines and US Army Rangers were on their way. that general is also responsible for most of the conflicts in that region. That general is the same guy who ran the iranian republic guard. You know…the folks who regularly would chant “death to america” and “israel should be wiped off the map”. are you really that ignorant that you would defend such a person?

    1. Pompeo’s legacy includes pardoning Ollie North and his gang of treason, whitewashing the Mueller report, and protecting the most bumbling, self serving president in US history.

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