President Donald Trump Threatens To Strike Iranian Cultural Sites | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. It is past time for the world to rise up and condemn and sanction the US just like they would any other violent dictatorship.

    1. @lilbeast Wars And Strategies yes we have allies who Trump has alienated and many of them won’t participate in a conflict trump created.

    2. Trump spent his term shouting threats to European nations about nato payments. And now he assisnated that Iranian General and Russia and China are swarming around Iran, while the iranians are lost in vengance. Nato is now wanted to be used by the americans

    3. And lets throw US out of NATO, quickly! Seen from Europa, this is way more scary than The Cold War. Then Trump can team up with Brasil, The Philipines, Saudi or who ever.

    1. It’s so funny how liberal men are so soft and weak, and liberal women are extremely unattractive, overweight, and rarely shave. While conservative men are rugged, and independent, and conservative women are gorgeous, feminine, and classy. There’s been many studies looking into this fact. Check ’em out.

    2. Please Not That1!$ It’s The Worst Thing1!$ I Am Not A Fan Of Trump But His Assassination Would Be Catastrophic1!$ Remember How World War I Started1?$ With The Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand1?€

  2. I never heard George W. say that he would intentionally bomb cultural sites in Iraq. Genghis Khan had more honor than Helsinki Don.

    1. You know who DID destroy cultural sites, like Donald Trump is threatening? Al Qaeda. So that’s where his head is.

    2. @YouTube Moderator goat shrines? You don’t know the name of the boat your ancestors floated on. You don’t believe history started until 200 years ago

    1. @Me hey now, Ivanka, Tiffany and Melania are hot ok, and Barron is a kid but yeah stuff the rest in shipping crates including slum Lord Jared.

    2. @Marilyn Calvert but Obama did that in 2012 and and the pictures from them are actually from the obama administration

    1. Now he has millions of iranians looking to take him out. Might not make it to jail. Thoughts and prayers.

    2. Well….why does your comrade Pelosi not hand over her articles of impeachment to the senate to “lock up Trump”? LMFAO!!!

    1. S they gonna make it the opposite way they gonna get get their self eliminated if they keep insisting to this war which was the necessary way to end this war Iran vs USA by killing salami

    2. Does he want to be a POW? Never forget what Trump said about John McCain an American Hero. Although he was a POW, Trump said he shouldn’t have got caught. Like because he got caught it doesn’t make him a hero. Senator John McCain is more of a men to me. At less he had dignity, and integrity. Which is lacking in Donald Trump.

  3. Character, integrity, and trust are easier kept than regained. tRump never had any of these but America had all of them before him.

    1. @CynAnne1 I keep seeing people claiming that Republicans are putting party, over country, but that’s not the case. Trump is not helping the Republican party at all. The whole party, as many have said, has turned into a cult of personality behind Trump, and isn’t the party it was before him. After Trump is out, the whole party could collapse, and need to be remade again, so supporting him isn’t helping the party.

      Those in the party supporting Trump aren’t doing it out of loyalty to the party, it’s just a matter of them seeing they stand more of a chance of personally benefiting for at least a while if they support him, than if they oppose him. If they turn against him, they will likely lose their position of power, if they support him, they’ll hold their position for at least a little longer. That’s what’s going on, the whole party is a collection of self-serving individuals, out for themselves.

    2. Nice to see someone with a skull as their profile pic who isnt a “punisher wannabe qanon believer”

    1. So YTM your point is Americans should not speak truth to power. Sound like you approve of Iranian despotism.

    2. Sure there was an “imminent atack.” Iran has been shouting death to America for years. Where’s all the attacks? But now we’re supposed to believe it’s “imminent’. Hahahaha right.

    1. In the news. Its good for Russia. The Iranian gov representatives are in Moscow for nuclear talks, as presented on the media but you can suspect they wont be talking about american/iran deals. But Russia selling them weapons while the iranians want vengence against Trumps America

    1. S I want trump killed but I don’t want the public people from different cities to died but Iran is making it worse by insisting to a suicide death against USA which is a sign of themselves getting target

    1. If Obama was the one who got this guy Soleimani, the media would be cheering. This guy was a KNOWN TERRORIST LEADER…. but the fact that you still hate Trump proves you can’t even see past your own party hatred.

    2. Trump doesn’t need a plan …
      the US military has a plan to take out the mullahs militarily since 1979….
      So far up to date no potus had the bezimes to implement the operation……
      Maybe trump is desperate enough to.?????? turn the historical sites of ancient Persia and moslem architecture like isfahan mashad a.s.o. to rubel……

    1. @Stella Manning so go therefore to your own Country and be all you can be. We American can take care of America. We do not need you.

    2. @David Stone
      LoL.. You mean serpent frauds have me under surveillance.. Should i blow myself on webcam? What shall i ever do?

  4. This is a man in control of all are nuclear weapons good job people who voted form him when ww3 starts just remember you voted for this

    1. Fadedbadge 22 I disagree with you. I’m Iranian-American, I live in the States but I have family in Iran. I don’t think you should generalize all of Iran as terrorists because that simply isn’t the case. I’m not a terrorist. My family is not terrorists. My community is not terrorist.

  5. Republican play book – when they start needing support they go pick a fight and go to war … time and time again

    1. cat nerp He might think it’s all the McDonald’s in Tehran, since that’s the extent of “Culture” to Trump

    2. Since he said it, he already committed war crime that calls for automatic removal of him let’s see if Democratic independent Republican has the balls to do this

    3. @Moriah Molotov Schroeder- Hughesus slow people need a bit. Listen I get it. They will use that as a means of war. True. But what is happening here is a game of fools. Each side knows it but must pretend they dont to be strong

    1. @Q Wins ‘What impeachment?” – Even Trump himself knows and admits he’s been impeached. He pretends he’s not bot a bit, but when he says “Impeachment LITE” at his rallies that’s an admission

    1. If Obama was the one who got this guy Soleimani, the media would be cheering. This guy was a KNOWN TERRORIST LEADER…. but the fact that you still hate Trump proves you can’t even see past your own party hatred.

    2. @Joy Phillips if Obama had done it, it would have been taken care of differently. If he would have done it in the manner in which Trump did it, it would have been out of character. Nonetheless, reckless

    3. @Joy Phillips Wrong. Obama would also come under extreme scrutiny over it as well. But Obama wouldn’t have played it like this.

    4. @Karen Holy – Precisely. 💯
      Presidents Obama *and* Bush #43 *knew where* Soleimani was, *as did* Israel’s PM Netanyahu.
      But *none of them* wanted to make him a ‘martyr’ to the extremists… which is *EXACTLY what #45 JUST did.* 🤦‍♀️

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