President Donald Trump & Ukraine: Quid Pro Quo? | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC

President Donald Trump & Ukraine: Quid Pro Quo? | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC 1


“Diplomacy is always about quid pro quos,” says Michael McFaul, a former US ambassador to Russia. But he alleges that whereas President Obama’s diplomatic negotiations sought to advance the national interest, President Trump is out for his “personal, electoral interests.” Aired on 10/18/19.
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President Donald Trump & Ukraine: Quid Pro Quo? | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC

35 Comments on "President Donald Trump & Ukraine: Quid Pro Quo? | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC"

  1. Jude Christenson | October 18, 2019 at 7:48 PM | Reply


  2. Quid Pro Quo? Who cares it doesn’t even matter and the guy is corrupt as they come thinking somehow it’s OK because he shoves it in our face. Don’t make the mistake of setting public expectations to meet a standard that isn’t even necessary.

    • @Flabby Bum seems like a crafty dem candidate could easily get a landfills` worth of dirt and garbage on this trump guy,,,fight fire with fire. u guys certainly seem ok with it.

    • @3LD The real authoritarian threat nowadays, is from the left, not Conservatives. The President has all the security breifings to hand, and thereby knows things even very senior staff do not, because government operates on a need-to-know basis. He may therefore have reasons for sending Giuliani not yet widely known. Giuliani was already party to highly sensitive information relating to the Ukraine matter for example.

    • @Flabby Bum … *LMFAO!* Typical delusional, lying Trump Swamp Sheep! … *_TRUMP IS A HABITUAL LYING CRIMINAL TRAITOR!_*_ _*_Rep. Ken Buck, REPUBLICAN Colorado: “Could you charge the President with a crime after he left office?” REPUBLICAN Mueller: “Yes.”_*_ _*_Rep. Ken Buck, REPUBLICAN Colorado: “You believe that he committed – you could charge the President of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?” REPUBLICAN Mueller: “Yes.”_*_ THAT was even before criminal traitor Trump’s latest crimes of soliciting multiple foreign entities to interfere in the 2020 election!_

      *_LOCK HIM UP!_*

    • @Flabby Bum … *_Get the quality, professional, psychiatric help you so very desperately need… you despicable traitor!_*

    • @3LD … *Trump is a habitual liar, complete corrupt and criminal traitor, that **_will_** be impeached and **_will_** be convicted! Trump is possibly the worse traitor in world history!*

      For instance: Turkey, Syria; Trump has a hotel in Turkey! That is why Trump green-lighted Turkey to murder U.S. allies in Syria. For a few dollars, Trump betrays the USA, ALL U.S. citizens, and ALL the U.S. military personnel that have served and are serving the USA, and fought and were maimed and died, for U.S. national security… _while aiding and abetting the enemies of the USA… Assad, Iran and Russia, and ISIS!_

      Trump solicited Russia’s help to get elected in 2016, and Russia _did_ help Trump get elected. YES, that was already proven. And, Trump egregiously, illegally and criminally solicited Ukraine, China, Australia, UK and Italy to interfere in the 2020 election!

      And, *_Pelosi is going to be sworn in as POTUS after Trump and Pence are impeached and convicted and removed!_*

      _Trump Swamp Sheep traitors would not know the truth if it was a rattle snake wrapped around their neck constantly biting them on the nose._

  3. Why the question mark?
    Stop calling it 50/50

  4. Trump never believed Ukraine was behind the server hacking or that Obama was not born in Hawaii, etc. He is a con man and plays the part of whatever “fiction” advances the grift. And he’ll play that part fully, but change on a dime the moment it’s no longer useful.

  5. *John Kasich:* It’s only *”Excruciatingly Hard”* because the GOP are waiting for the entire White House to burn down to the ground, along with *The Constitution,* before attempting to put out the flames. Well played GOP, well played.

  6. If the Constitution doesn’t apply to the White House then it doesn’t apply to the people of the United States

  7. Santos velasquez | October 18, 2019 at 8:08 PM | Reply

    They all crooks

  8. Claudy TheArtist | October 18, 2019 at 8:27 PM | Reply

    Mulvaney would never do as he did without being told to do so… Obviously, there’s more to come and they’re trying to get ahead of it…

  9. Steven Robinson | October 18, 2019 at 8:27 PM | Reply

    Ah, but… It was a “beautiful” quid pro quo, a “perfect” quid pro quo, with (I assume) some “fine” quids and quos on both sides…

  10. ❤️ Bernie ❤️ 2020 ❤️

  11. Conjurer Woman | October 18, 2019 at 9:18 PM | Reply

    You cannot make this stuff up!

  12. Carolyn Rivergem | October 18, 2019 at 9:35 PM | Reply

    Wow! This was so well done that it felt like watching a post-impeachment documentary on the History Channel! Well done!

  13. Mulvaney is the whistle blower he’s been hiding in plain sight. His interview at the WH podium was his opportunity to tell Americans what’s going on all the while staying close to Trump to keep up dating congress.

  14. Call your senators’ offices daily demanding they impeach and remove. Let them know they will be gone if the will of the people is not carried out.

  15. Is there no other resort in America that doesn’t have bed bugs more appropriate for the G7.?

  16. Trump has a whole video of him partying with Epstein. Yeah he takes pictures with everybody.

  17. Unstable Genius – BUSTED! Come On GOP – start cooking and deflect this…

  18. Fantastic 8 minutes: alot of information well layed out and edited together!!

  19. Fantastic 8 minutes: alot of information well layed out and edited together!!

  20. This all happen before or after Turkey slaughtered all the Kurds in Kentucky?? Lol. Fake news and spin. Lol

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