President Donald Trump Zeroes In On Defense Team As Trial Begins | Deadline | MSNBC



  1. So many voices in this group… it seems like he picked attorneys that are more personalities that can talk to cameras. Light on actual litigation and law. Where is Rudy ? We want Rudy Rudy Rudy

  2. he’s not nervous. Republicans wouldn’t be republicans if there was any chance they would do the job they were sworn to do, instead of the job they are paid to do.

  3. There’s something for the ages on your resume: Defended the biggest traitor in U.S. history….lol…Classic…

    1. @s jones no…. only person in power to do so is Trump. If he was trying to get rid of a ambassador killing a old friend is nothing to trump

  4. The most important question that should be put to Republicans in the Senate is a simple one, Do they believe that the American people want, and deserve to know the truth? And if the answer to that question is YES, then the next question should be, how do we get there?  Well the only way we get to the truth, is through witnesses and evidence.

    A president should NOT be able to use executive privilege in an impeachment trial to cover-up his crimes. It doesn’t get more unconstitutional than that. If this is allowed, it means that instead of a president, we have a King and or dictator. It would mean that Trump could literally get away with anything he wants to do by simply claiming executive privilege, and  blocking all evidence and witnesses to his crimes.

  5. And these are the losers our children and grandchildren will read of in US History books. Trump is by far the most corrupt, criminal, and incompetent POTUS in American History.

    1. It’s a part of the votes if they remove him from office. Then they vote on him not being able to run again

    2. Only if they remove him … will he be escorted out the front door AND can NEVER hold public office again!!! Fingers crossed 🤞🤞 LMAO

    1. @s jones when you Steal and Lie to the American Public AND get CAUGHT you FAILED in EVERY way that counts !!!
      We both know your azz dont have any major stake in the stock market to make a difference!! Smgdh LMAO

  6. A Team of Coldblooded Crooks, Defending the Chief Career Criminal, This is totally unfounded, But anything is possible in the Trump Era, Let the Circus begin my friends ! 🙄

  7. WOW like 10 people to defend a person that claims he is so innocent he want no witnesses and does not want to testify. If it walks like a criminal and talks like one.

    1. Dodgy Trump … The deplorables are stable supporters of tragedy that is our president.
      Where will they go when Trump’s out of office?

  8. I’d like to know who’s paying for trumps lawyers, I certainly hope it’s not the American public or taxpayers as they are not the ones who started all this crap

    1. Logan McLean I would say allegedly raping a thirteen year old girl was a “high crime” and bribing a foreign leader is another, then there’s abuse of power……etc.,

    2. Logan McLean You do realize that all of this could be put to an end if everyone was put under oath and testified and that includes the president himself. If he’s done nothing wrong there’s no harm in everyone testifying and getting this cleared up and getting onto the business of running the country. I personally don’t know whether Trump has done anything wrong and that that is why evidence must be provided and witnesses must be allowed to speak, after all isn’t the truth what everyone is seeking?

  9. Of course Spanky is “comfortable” with Jay Sekulow, a guy who has his own history of running a phony charity that funneled money into his own pocket. Takes a con man to defend a con man.

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