President-elect Biden speaks after electoral college certifies election win | USA TODAY 1

President-elect Biden speaks after electoral college certifies election win | USA TODAY


President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on the electoral college vote certification.

Nearly six weeks after Americans voted Joe Biden the next president, the Electoral College is meeting Monday and will make President Donald Trump's electoral loss official.

In statehouses across the country, 538 electors have begun formally casting their votes for either Biden or Trump based on the popular votes in their states.

Biden, the president-elect, and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are expected to receive 306 electoral votes, topping 232 for Trump. The electoral votes will then be counted at a special joint session of Congress on Jan 6. before Biden and Harris are inaugurated Jan. 20.

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  1. Biden has to tell his ppl his plans on how to bring US back to normal. Not on rhetoric and superficial statements .

    1. @Troy Yakel Ironically, the majority of US media is controlled by people of the same tribe of people who have been expelled 109 times in history, including from National Socialist Germany. Although, before the English and French declared war on Germany, about 75 percent of them left Germany on their own, as that is all Germany wanted, for them to leave.

    2. At least Joe Biden has a wife who truly loves him. Donald Trump’s wife is so disgusted by him that she can’t stand to even hold his hand.

  2. Beijing Joe and his son Hunter, and his brother should be in jail for fraud …not walking around saying nonsense.

    1. @SuperCow 58 The evidence that his son collected bribes everywhere he went under the direction of papa Joe and the rest of the Biden crime family. Is overwhelming.

      As for the election, Beijing Joh is a grifter and more and more evidence of fraud are coming out with each day there too…. including Michigan’s audit of Dominion machines released today that concludes that the software which Dominion tried to erase, several times to hide their tracks was intentionally designed for vote flipping…

    2. @Michael B. I really don’t care anymore. If the United States of America doesn’t want Biden in office, I don’t know why they voted him into office in the first place. The people have decided they want Biden I guess. Idk

    3. Trump should be in jail for many thinks, taxes, everyone has paid more then &750 in 15 years , he’ll get his.

  3. What happen in U.S now is exactly same as what happened in Korea April 2020 election. Korea is covered with dirty lies. I hope U.S can follow the truth not like Korea.

  4. here we go again, the “God protect our troops”. …
    Iraq v2.0 Freedom and democracy coming right up, next stop: China.

  5. BID END GAME OVER KA BAAL and the démon rats pf service !
    have you seen the decor behind the blue curtain … a warehouse disaffecting a brick wall and plaster breaking everywhere clown and liar

  6. He is so full of it. What is he going to do about this pandemic that hasn’t already been do except try to get the country to shut down so more people can lose jobs. I have nothing for him

  7. hope and aspiration are well intended
    what ‘unseen’ we should worry about
    the existing ill momentum
    the hidden and build ups of chaos inclined in inertial
    here where the risks analysis technicians alike the security sectors pulls their weight in

    no let up
    if it’s not good for the people
    if it’s not good for the country
    what else to say/ to prove and argue about?

  8. Heal the country. Now he wants to kiss and makeup. We won’t forget what his party did. Biden is a lying politician

    1. Biden is a biblical man he fell from the skies to bring us back to love.
      Let’s all old hands with masks on..Imagine no more religion no more guns just flowers and masks.

  9. I will never forget history of the first dinosaurs to rule earth the smilodon and life growing . One day I’ll look back and I’ll remember it all .
    Crichton was right

  10. Did u guys hear the ?? He has the virus. Hahahahahhahaha the scamdemic virus . Or whatever the lefties call that nonsense

  11. Rest assured IT’S NOT OVER. Biden is a crook he will not be able to get a security clearance to be president. of the united states of America.

  12. Newsflash USA TODAY. The House of Representatives determines who the next president will be. You are a stain on journalism. Shame on you.

  13. He has no idea what’s about to happen to him until he wakes up and realizes in in Englewood Federal Correctional Institution

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