President-elect Biden: Trump attending inauguration is 'of personal consequence' to the US 1

President-elect Biden: Trump attending inauguration is ‘of personal consequence’ to the US


In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, President-elect Joe Biden explains the importance of a demonstration of a peaceful transfer of power at his inauguration.

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    1. @Terry Lew You Live under a rock by chance !! What proof can you offer on that stupid remark of what Iran has or has not been involved in the last 4
      years .. If you in any way believe Iran or any other country can go undetected by US Intelligence you sir are dumber than cow dung .

    2. @ran away who the hell said it was undetected? They have far more enriched uranium now than before. And when was the last time the Ayatollah had us drop by for an inspection?? Why do you think thier top nuclear scientist was murdered? They wanna slow iran down in any way they can. Sanctions hurt irans people but just like N Korea nothing stops those nuclear programs. Why do think trump was asking his advisors last month about a possible strike on irans facilities??? Would he do that if there was nothing there??

    3. Nobody cares if he there he doesn’t need to be anywhere but prison for committing genocide on the American people.

    4. @ran away1. take your little phone or pad, tap Google. 2. Ask Google how far over the limit is Iran now with thier enriched uranium. (as per previous limits set by the deal) all you have to do is read a little. Then you can see the situation the Moron created by pulling out, simply to spite Obama

    1. @None Given again, you have no proof of any fraud or cheating. Who is living in a fantasy world right now?

    2. @None Given and yet not a shred of proof. If all this fraud is so obvious, why does trump keep losing his court cases?

  1. He doesn’t need to attend, it’s of no consequence. However, the NYC AG is very anxious to speak with him after office demits him!

    1. I’ll drag him to the hearing by his nut sack. She is going to chew him up. Donald trump in the NYDOC system. He won’t last a day in general population . 29 years in ADSAG is his future . Makes me smile.

    1. Al Capone (pronounced Caponeee) waa from Chicago. Not much has changed in the Windy City – gangs, shootings, criminals in the CPD, drugs, venerial disease — it’s a helluva place. Hopefully Biden will clean it up. Lightfoot is busy having scotch and steak – and dining out without a mask. Chicago needs extreme police reform – and the corruption here is out of control. All the Illinois governors have gone to prison. The state is broke because we ars paying $218,000 to a single officer for pension. Not all police are bad people – I believe there are good ones – but the bad ones in Chicago ruin their reputation. Chicago has a bad reputation for a very good reason. Please, may God and Biden help that city.

  2. Typo in the title I guess. “of no personal consequence” should be there. The “no” is missing

    1. No, the title is correct. Personal consequence for the U.S. No personal consequence for the president elect.

    2. @on OFF When an outgoing POTUS and an incoming POTUS can’t even come together civilly to exchange greetings and well wishes in a democratic republic, viewed by the country and the whole world, that undercuts and damages democracy. It won’t change who the incoming president is, but it definitely won’t be beneficial to the U.S. It is what it is.

    1. @Fascism is Right Wing, and God saw that it was good demoncrats are communists and im not even a republican. Everyone can see through your kind

    2. @Jeremy Two see and that’s the problem, the various god myths dont give you truth. Science can give you a better understanding but not truth. So what your saying is your not christian, you simply believe in some random god myth. Because to be a christian they believe the bible is the word of their god. And if that’s the case that god is morally bankrupt.

    3. @wendy wants haha trump is literally trying to turn this into a dictatorship. Trying to use the courts to overturn an election. Once he and his bad smell are gone, maybevl focus on education as that’s why you so many people that simply lack basic comprehension of what’s going on. You were right on one thing LONG way to go after 4 years of trump.

    1. @Uncockblockable They missed the ACTION taken in the midst of listening to all the static trump and the trumpublicans are making

    2. He is so determine to become a president that he run a few times before. Only with the help of corruption he can become president.

  3. Did he stutter, stumble, lose his way mid-sentence, show any regard for himself over others, or say me, me, me?? No.

    1. @ArpMan don’t worry. Kamala is ready. Watch this, oh sad story. I’m glad the Georgia thing happened.

  4. I’d be surprised if he could handle it, I envision him doing a Kanye with his special version of “Ima let you finish, but…” such pathetic behavior from a President!

  5. The way Biden laughs here is so priceless. I wish he didn’t force himself to contain it and just keep laughing.

    1. Biden remind me of this character Adonijah in the bible 1st of King 1: 5,16,17. Biden is not the president but his court is calling him president. Adonijah was not the king but he and his court call him king.

  6. “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything,” by Josef Stalin.
    It’s very scary!!

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