President-elect Joe Biden makes transition announcement | USA TODAY 1

President-elect Joe Biden makes transition announcement | USA TODAY


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    1. Joe Alzheimer hasn’t had a “raise” is 50 years. The only thing hard in his life is trying to remember where he is!

  1. Trump was something but the Democrats where something else….and Biden will be tainted hugely for hypocrisy and BS and questions under the umbrella of Trump and why/How he was Elected in the corrupt government. good luck. Bring on the changes or no changes. bring on the blaiming. No excuses now…Senate and President. heal us Democrats after years of hate pushing, bullying and division pushing

    1. @Tesla-V Ukraine had no ties with the US or NATO, why exactly would we directly get involved conrad?

      Now if Russia attacked a NATO Country, which Putin doesn’t have the balls to do, but if he did then yes that’s a reason for conflict.

      But hey Putin still has Trump licking his boots, he has that going for him right lmao.

      I’m calling it now, Trump is going to run away to hide behind his daddy Putin within the next few months

    2. The NWO is coming. I blame dumbass NPC’S for the votes they did cast. Gezzzzzzzzz !! Most of them were white people with white Gilt. They believe what news media and social media tells them. Sad !! God bless and God help us all in what is coming !!

    1. @Bryan Brocks Yeah right, you’ll be competing with Chinese labor standards and wages. Good luck with that.

    2. @ImYour Huckleberry Well trump taxed Chinese imports and gave good incentives to make American made goods.

      Okay they may not be China cheap. But in sure someone would rather have a job and pay a couple more bucks for a proper regulated product, a product where if it brakes you can atleast try to get spare parts. A product that isn’t put on a ship for weeks polluting the planet.

      I’m from the UK, I quite liked trumps policies. Hopefully biden will give us a good trade deal.

    3. @Rik rik That’s my point I agree with Trumps war on China. He was attempting to reign in their economic power, and now they will bury us and the rest of the world; especially since they have had their spies running around the halls of congress for God knows how long. That’s the breach of Capitol Hill that I am most worried about.

      I am usually pretty critical about PBS for their inherent bias, but their Front Line series is actually a decent show. I challenge every American to go watch the episode on The Rise of China. It is very enlightening.

    4. austrailia’s wage is at $19/hour but their big macs are only $6.75. What else ya got to fear monger?

    5. @lil art person so in usd it’s just over 14 dollars. Australia has a population of 25million. USA 328million . Australia has some of the thoughest rules on who can come in, one example when they were having issues with illegal boats of migrants arriving on there shores, They put them back on there rubber dingys and escorted them out to the middle of the ocean.

      When you controll who comes in, you don’t have cheap labour driving down the price of wages, another benefit would be less strain on local services.

  2. He nominated Gina Ramondo as Secetary Of Commerce.. he speaks shes so high of her and she is the most corrupt!!! Ask a Rhode Islander. Shes hated more than Biden lol

  3. “We have put together one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organizations in the history of American politics.” Joe Biden

  4. It would be so nice if ” We the people” could drain the whole swamp of politicians (every last one of them) . Fired for treason.

    1. Sometimes they throw ads at crucial moments in dialogue to distract you from the point. If the ad fails to load, you’re forced to reload and possibly lose your place, making it easier to miss the very worst word salads and babbling rants by total accident.

  5. Don’t forget that’s ALL he’s able to do until the 20th. Trump is STILL king and he’s pissed and has nuclear weapons

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