President Joe Biden delivers first speech at United Nations General Assembly | USA TODAY 1

President Joe Biden delivers first speech at United Nations General Assembly | USA TODAY


President Joe Biden delivers first speech at United Nations General Assembly


President Joe Biden's debut speech at the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday marks a major test to his message that "America is back" on the world stage as he looks to defend a series of bruising foreign policy decisions that have raised questions about U.S. credibility.

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  1. I find it hilarious he talks about how every life is precious, yet he drones and kills innocent children. This man is a liar, fraud, and a child murderer. An embarrassment to this country and the world.

    1. mindless is when you follow and support someone like Cheeto. insist and continue to try to excuse yourself by criticizing someone like Biden who is far from perfect but is a lot closer to what this country truly represents. a diverse country that values human decency go Biden … USA USA USA!!!!!!

    2. I can’t imagine that there’s a single person on earth who thinks Biden is better than trump. People only voted for him because he’s not trump

  2. We didn’t stop any war in Afghanistan. They will continue to fight with each other until the final extinction event.

    1. @Dale Thomas don’t be mad sweetheart. We warned you Biden was gonna be a complete disaster, we just didn’t know it was gonna be this bad. Millions of Biden voters have already regretted voting for Biden. Democrats are in HUGE trouble in 22 and 24

    2. @John B I don’t regret voting for Biden I will vote for him again. So don’t be mad rosebud that trump is done and Biden isn’t only your President but he’s trumps too . trump will never be President again.

    3. @Dale Thomas please tell me you’re not serious. Biden will be lucky to finish this term let alone run again. There’s no chance he’s gonna run again and Kamala won’t even win the nomination. Both their numbers are embarrassing and it’s not because people just don’t like him like Trump. He’s incompetent and showed it on the world stage. When you have high ranking members of your own party pissed off at you, it’s not going well at all. His numbers with independents is in the low 30s and dropping. Democrats know their party is in major troubles, that’s why they’re trying to get everything done now. Nice try though

    4. @Dale Thomas let’s see what happens now that the left finally had to admit what the rest of us knew for a year now that all the Hunter Biden emails are real and that Joe knew everything that was going on. When republicans overwhelmingly take back control in 22 they can impeach both Biden and Harris and finally get the country back to what it was before Biden completely screwed everything up

    1. @David R. StoneSo you are saying that Joe Biden is dividing the country black against white – When trump was President and all the hatred and division really started to crawl out of the cracks trump supporters blamed Obama. Now you want to put all the blame on Biden. Think about it!

    2. @dirty laundry He actually spoke of the chip yesterday and when he said,the IRS would be looking @ all our accounts. My husband went and took his savings and went on and got his 401K out as well. Bastard isn’t digging up these bones.! Like I told my husband, that why we have a safe!

  3. If Joe is so concerned about rising sea level, why did he buy a 15 million dollar home on beach front property? If Joe is so worried about covid, why he has let 1.9 million illegal immigrants untested into the USA?

    1. In 1938 Guy Callendar connected carbon dioxide increases in Earth’s atmosphere to global warming. We knew than , so don’t point the finger on the President now , point the finger on the President in 1938. It’s embarrassing that you would even post something like that. Get your fact right , please. Read more , do your research. Pointing fingers isn’t going to change anything, if you want to help , do want you can contribute to help the global climate problem

    1. They called him excellency, they are pure evil. It’ll only get worse until people stand up to their local beat cops and shut the enforcement arm of this beast system down.

  4. All I heard is a bunch of platitudes and feel good statements. How he going to accomplish these goals seems to missing. A worthless president.

    1. @Phil Piruzzi Filsoof I told everyone at work if I ever became governor or president I would least take questions Biden is worthless he wouldn’t be better as a governor eather but i would be no matter how stressed I was mentally I would still do my job better then him

    2. @PiXEL JUNKiE Biden was part of Obama care aka affordable health care. Your Cheeto Christ still hasn’t shown his. Your the one who should get over it. Your literally here in this comment whining about sleepy Joe . It’s obvious you haven’t gotten over your orange saviors loss. I am from europe and Trump is a laughing stock

    3. @Helen Sosa oh puhlease. Trump has never had a good plan. I’m no democrat or republicans . Joe ain’t great but I’ll choose him over worthless trump

    1. @Unction Trump IS the terrorist!!! lmao yall forget his insurrection???? Idiots thinking he is president are the problem in America. We look like fools

    2. @A McDonald You cannot tell me Trump speaks better than Biden. you can tell an American a mile away because they think the world agrees with Republicans when they LAUGHED at Trumps speach and not Bidens LMAO

  5. I cannot believe Joe Biden had the audacity to mention the 13 US servicemen who were killed and not be honest about how they were killed!

    This man is an embarrassment to our country if not the world.
    You have to be on crack to think he actually won the election in 2020!

    1. It’s a shame man, this bastard has caused so much tragedy its unreal.. what a cherry on the top of his racist career

    2. @Patrick Omann I have never seen one president do so much damage to his own country in less than 8 months!
      Oh that I wish the midterms were this year! It would be a bloodbath!

    1. Joe Biden ended the WAR in Afghanistan. This is the BEST the U.S. President had ever done so far, because other U.S. Presidents wanted to start the wars all over the World .

    2. @Ana An Biden surrendered the country to a terrorist organization, we left Americans behind, the world is more dangerous, and our allies are pissed, nice job Joey…

    3. The strings sometimes do break and they turn the Mic off ……..or he gives a blank look at press. This Mr Potato Head won the election with the help of China and Bilderberg Group.

    4. @Tabby Hudson NO It is NOT a sarcasm .. Unfortunately for you I think this way that Mr. Biden did the correct thing ENDING the WAR , and the Involvements into other countries existence

    1. @John Connor I think you have uncovered the true reason behind the mask mandate. Unfortunately, just as the masks don’t stop viral particles, they also can’t stop the epic stench emanating from this White House.

  6. About half way, he starts slowing down, and his speech starts slurring more. Hunter didn’t hook him up enough!

  7. This dude has done nothing but make the whole planet a dangerous place. Crime in the USA is up 200% and this guy thinks he is doing a good job. This is the saddest administration i have ever seen. He makes Barack look like a great president.

  8. Successful people don’t become that way overnight .most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

    1. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,and the second best time is now this is not the first time I hear people talking about this man called Pierre


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