President Joe Biden delivers remarks on ending the war in Afghanistan | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden will deliver remarks to mark the end of the nation's longest war.


After the withdrawal was announced, Biden issued a statement that held firm in its timing rather than having the US push out the deadline, saying the Joint Chiefs and commanders on the ground agreed it was the best course. "Their view was that ending our military mission was the best way to protect the lives of our troops, and secure the prospects of civilian departures for those who want to leave Afghanistan in the weeks and months ahead," the president said.

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  1. Its time to be honest with the American people “again”… I’m no Harvard graduate but you be the judge 🤔

    1. A Pathological Liars have trouble telling the truth as they don’t want to know who they really are… This is how sick and corrupt this people are.

    2. @lex samuel Telling Joe at this point is pointless. That’s like talking to a wall to get answers… Let’s face it.. This what happens when dead people voted for Joe. Basically Joe, doesn’t have to answer to anyone since most of his supporters who voted for him have been dead for years.

  2. People who pride themselves on their “complexity” and deride others for being “simplistic” should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.

    1. ​@G.David Lawrence I think I deciphered it:

      *The only person you wish would wear a mask [is Biden]. Even though I know I masks are useless, you wouldn’t have to look at his lying face*

      It’s amazing how unintelligible that was.

    2. Do you work at the pentagon? How do you know what you know is true? I don’t believe anything until proof is giving Not statements! Biden may lie, Biden may not. Who are we to judge without proper judgement. I’m not a Bidensupporter. Just trying to see it objectively

  3. Bidens’s arguments about why you should not be in Afghanistan are not an excuse for getting out in the worst possible way.

    2Jeff Gergen and Judy Murray




  4. I agree we needed to end the war….but we did not need to leave them with 80+ Billion in equipment to the enemy and the early abandonment of Bagram (a much safer ideal location with strategic value). We could have left in a position of power and dignity at Bagram on our own terms. There was red flags for years that this would happen with contingency plans to prevent this…….leadership chose to ignore those red flags.

    1. Billions in equipment and look at the pics of all that cash the Taliban can now use to wage ‘jihad’ against America.

    2. Biden brags about airlifting 120,000 random unvetted Afghans, and bringing them to live in the United states. Declaring victory!
      Meanwhile he pays the Taliban not to attack us and leaves an unknown number of Americans and our Afghan allies to their fate in Afghanistan!
      *Impeach Biden!*

  5. It doesn’t matter how many Americans you got out. What matters are how many you left behind, and the number is too many.

  6. Nixon resigned for far less than what Joe Biden has done.
    Trump was impeached twice for far far less than what Joe Biden has done.

    Why is this fool not being impeached?
    Why is anybody still defending him?

  7. Biden is disgraceful blaming others and acting like he can relate due to his son. He has the blood on his hands of those soldiers. By the way he has been in government making the wrong choices all along.

  8. Joe: “Americans wanted to stay”

    In reality those Americans couldn’t get to the air port cause it was surrounded by Taliban and the Taliban said who goes and who stays…

  9. If Biden defines extraordinary success as: surrendering to the Taliban, leaving Americans behind enemy lines, supplying the enemy with arms, giving them pallets of cash, and allowing American servicemen to die for no reason…. Then he’s right.

    1. I think you mixed up Taliban and enemy. Clearly Taliban is not the enemy of US as they are supporting them and even providing fire power to rule in fear for at least a century. But if a country can be overtaken on a couple of days by a group of its own civilians when there is no external support it was a hopeless for its government anyways…

  10. Joe Biden is the furthest thing from a leader I’ve ever seen. I bet you he asks if he can use the restroom

  11. How can you tell when Biden is lying?
    -Whenever his lips move.
    Spineless Biden has been ruining the US for 40+ years. These four years will be his masterpiece.

  12. He keeps saying “for those that want to leave” like we didn’t see the videos of literally hundreds of thousands of people begging and pleading to get the hell out.

  13. I think most people agree with ending the war. The question is why did we not evacuate before pulling the troops.

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