1. That’s a public safety measure.
      You don’t want to many people tripping over his power cord.
      That would be bad optics.

    2. @Morningv0dka So you’re taking issue with a rambling speech that actually ended up making sense.
      Trumps worst speech is so much more logical and easier to follow than Biden’s best-rehearsed 2-line teleprompter reply, and you know it. You think you’re being slick by attacking Trump instead of foolishly supporting FBIDENT , but it’s become painfully obvious that’s the only tactic you have left.
      I wonder why you don’t take issue with rambling speeches and miscellaneous commentary from the child predator that you voted for? Why did you vote for a child predator? How do you justify voting for a child predator?
      I’m waiting…

    1. No. Liberals are useless chits that couldn’t even be dog catchers. Never mind running the country. Good thing the Deep State is secretly running the country or America would be completely finished. Shows you how awful they are. You find comfort in secret cabals bent on destroying the country keeping them in check.

    1. @James Connerlmao I haven’t heard much about trump since he got kicked off of social media, I don’t really care about what he does now and definitely don’t miss him.

    2. @Mr Pickles Ah yes, a man whose family has been in the military, a man who has been pushing and voting for equal rights policies and anti-domestic violence laws since before his first ever presidential campaign. How un-american.

    1. @Pancake Wizard Im guessing you’re still waiting for the incriminating evidence to be released from the laptop? 😂

    2. @wormwood078 Biden is way better, like big league better! We’ve never seen someone be better than him then Biden. And probably never will.

  1. imagine if we sent prosperity and education to the middle east instead of just weapons. War Profiteering must end. These people need a broader scope of our world, life isnt just about religion.

  2. I think it’s time to recognize that this was a test of Joey Quickfinger’s weakness and they found that although he talks like someone with alcoholic encephalopathy, he punches like a two year old.

  3. So…when are we gonna get some Alien info ? I’m looking to hitch a ride outta here before this place burns to the ground

  4. How much money did that cost us this has got to stop and now these people need to be gone ASAP

  5. I think he didn’t hear the journalists at the end, because the good man will not ignore them in purpose .

    1. Yeah I hope its sarcasm because biden can’t last mire than 4 minutes on a speech…poor old man

  6. The press ceaselessly harassed President Trump for four years, Never excepting any answer he gave them, and now they let a predator walk off the stage without answering a single question.
    This is why America is furious.

    1. True…Its so obvious and people elected this man? I find so hard to believe but God’s will may be really at work preparing for Jesus coming. This president is a total joke as a leader for this country. May God have mercy on us.

    2. The press still didn’t harass trump enough. I’d rather they threw rocks at his orange Nazi az

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