President Joe Biden delivers remarks on national security | USA TODAY 1

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on national security | USA TODAY


President Biden Delivers Brief Remarks About a National Security Initiative, and will be Joined Virtually by Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom.


President Joe Biden will announce Wednesday the United States is forming a security partnership with Australia and the United Kingdom that will allow them to share advanced technology and could be seen as a possible message to an aggressive China

The new partnership, which will be known as AUKUS, will enable the three countries to share artificial intelligence, undersea capabilities and other advanced technologies and deepen cooperation on a range of defense capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region.

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  1. He fled Afghanistan in the middle of the night and left these “strategic partners” holding the bag without a warning. Come on man! Who can trust Biden to make the right decision in time of need?

    1. @Michel Nice whataboutism. Trump isn’t president. Biden is. When Biden does something wrong the response shouldn’t be well Trump done this or that. That’s a bullshit reply. Biden is an embarrassment. Does that mean Trump wasn’t? No it does not, but it does mean that Biden is an embarrassment.

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    3. @Greg Walker I guess you’re right. I’m still pissed off about the Kurds that everyone seems to have forgotten though. At least there was an attempt to get the Afghan allies out. It wasn’t completely successful. Many couldn’t get past the crowd or Taliban guard.
      I don’t know why they pulled out at night. I could offer some guesses but not having been in the military I’m not qualified to answer that.

    1. @Jenna Brook CNN asked the stupidest questions Jenna! Did you even listen to their lame questions? “Oh oh Mr. President since you hate all brown people, how do you plan on dealing with Mexico?” Trash like that gets you not taken seriously.

    2. You guys are going to be so upset when you’re no longer the biggest super power. Literally all first world countries agree with this. You guys nitpick everything.. you remember trump paid the Washington police to open the gates to the capitol yesh? There’s footage and comments.. you guys are hilarious. Enjoy what’s left of your pathetic gun violence fuelled panem esque society. Chinese millennium has started. Your imperial empire will be done soon don’t worry (: we’ll all be siding with China soon. Just wait (:

    3. @Dale Kohl he’s a president in a potential arms race. His job isn’t to answer questions, Jesus.. it is but not what you’re referring to. Presidents are puppets. Remember trump saying he’ll find out about ufos and rarara? Yeah… they get next to no info. Their predominantly puppets with scripts. It’s procedure. I feel bad for you guys; but at the same time, you had it coming,

  2. Who would’ve known that all it takes to become president is lurk in the shadows for decades and read off a teleprompter, take no questions and then flee.

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