President Joe Biden has virtual call with NASA Perseverance Rover team | USA TODAY 1

President Joe Biden has virtual call with NASA Perseverance Rover team | USA TODAY


US President Joe Biden participates in a virtual call to congratulate the NASA JPL Perseverance team on the successful Mars landing.


Perseverance’s primary mission is to search for microbial signs of life and its landing spot in Jezero Crater was hand-picked for that goal. It’s an ancient river delta that is marked by steep cliffs, sand dunes and large boulders.

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    1. Well, everybody has to do that. Trump doesn’t do that, which explains all the BS coming out of his mouth

    2. And he still made it further in life than you did. Maybe you should learn a thing or two from him

    1. @venkatesh sarma – Do you have proof. From what I heard he just talks about it in private adult conversations and even then it would be consensual.

    2. @Robert Alan Proof? That’s an understatement. All you have to do is search for non biased media. Not CNN, MSNBC, NEWSMAXX, or Fox news.

    3. @Robert Alan just like Trump’s propaganda about bathroom showers and windmills causing cancer

    4. @venkatesh sarma Trump is a billionaire business man not a scientist and if it means anything the only person/politician I have respect for anymore is Tulsi Gabbard

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  4. Saw a fly on tv on the rover that’s on Mars! Seems interesting Mars has flys to?

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