1. Is there really anyone that thinks this man can lead a country any country much less the greatest country on earth

    1. Blot. I’m ready to explore terms limits and politicians tax returns and when the Democrats started supporting capitalism and when did we become world police?

  2. At least this channel will allow us to comment. Every other channel
    Is afraid to see the truth.

  3. He just said “Americans just got a pay raise”… Well. He may not realize. But a LOT of companies give annual raises based on several factors. Such as performance & inflation. Nothing u did buddy 🤦🏼‍♂️ lol

  4. Trump: Talks the talk and walks the walk

    Obama: Talks the talk but couldn’t walk the walk

    Biden: Can’t even talk the talk

  5. This administration plays so many head games and twists the narrative of what’s really happening to make them seem like they’re doing a good job. I was in a abusive relationships years ago and this is exactly what my ex did. Gaslighting at its finest. I can’t even stand to watch him it makes me so sick.

  6. Hard to unite a Country when you refer to the Democrats as “my party” and the other as “Those Republicans”, elementary my dear President.

    1. @Queennoneya a reporter asked him what he thought about an overwhelming amount of Americans not content with the job he’s done this far.

      His answer?

      I don’t believe the polls 😂

    2. @Queennoneya the “mean tweets” from the last president didn’t bother me, so long as the economy was thriving. And it was. This new cat is a joke……

    3. @TruthPiper Which mean tweet from trump so I can clarify. Biden forgot he promised to play nice and ripped a reporter a new one. Atleast trump gave daily briefings and I never once saw him look at his watch.

    4. Jerome Powell thinks the economy is TOO GOOD, overheating. Thus interest rate hikes. Couple is okay, not four! He’s behind the curve.

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