President Joe Biden On FDA Approving Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine

The FDA approved that Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine is safe. President Joe Biden encouraged those who were waiting for the FDA to approval to, “Go and get your vaccination.” Biden spoke about the approval's importance in the fight against Covid-19 and thanked the FDA for their hard work. 

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President Joe Biden On FDA Approving Pfizer's Covid Vaccine


    1. Nope only United Kingdom has a yellow card system we don’t have one the NIH won’t even allow health check status, a online website. 😬

  1. “Corn Pop was a bad dude. And he ran a bunch of bad boys. And I did and back in those days and to show you how things have changed, one of the things you had to use, if you used pomade in your hair you had to wear a bathing cap.”
    -Joe Biden

    “That was four days ago! Five days ago!”
    -Joe Biden

    1. @Freedom Stillexists Is it Ok to use your body as a carrier to spread COVID19? If you say yes, does not it make you a terrorist?

    2. @Student A Fake To follow the logic of a fake student, that would make everyone a terrorist because you holier than thou still get it, still spread it and any immunity you receive is waning quickly.

    3. @Freedom Stillexists I’ll remember this comment when a conservative tells me Women can’t do what they want with their own bodies. Thanks !

    4. @Freedom Stillexists VAERS does not say they are dead FROM the vaccine, many of those are breakthrough infections. Nor does it say anything even close to 50,000 dead. Did you run the reports yourself or is this from some political pundit who likes to rave about the vaccine?

  2. I like the part where the Stable Genius weakly suggested people get the vaccine, got booed, so he changed his tune mid-sentence.
    Now that’s what I call leadership! 😅😂🤣

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 he didn’t do anything but sign a few papers. Then he undermined his own work by screwing over everyone and getting us all sick. And not ironically, made everyone distrust the vaccine he “overlooked”.

    2. I loved the part where Xiden intentionally armed the Taliban and abandoned tens of thousands of Americans to them. You Leftists truly are so smart!

    3. @eternal_napalm Exactly. They really want us to believe this administration didn’t intentionally continue endless wars.

  3. I’ll be glad when this is finally over. But just when you think it’s over oops there is another strain of the virus. When you think that one is over, oops there’s another one and another one and yes even one more.

    1. Let’s hope it doesn’t go like that. But we won’t know until we get enough of the world vaccinated to see if coronavirus’s mutations can outrun the vaccines or if the vaccines lower population mutation rates enough to eliminate the spread of the virus.

    2. When it is over vegetable Biden will find something else to screw up. Veggie boi is able to screw up multiple things at once.

    1. Certainly didn’t turn out how you’re suggesting.

      Now’s the part where you show me how you’ve only researched things that agree with your position and ignored anything that would detract from it.

  4. Full approval by FDA after telling the fully vaccinated people they can still catch Covid, spread Covid, wear masks, and third shot on the way! And the messenger: Joe Biden 😂

  5. We don’t care Joe!!! What’s being done to bring home the Americans from Afghanistan??!!! Sounds like the taliban are calling the shots sleepy Joe

  6. Antivaxxer before FDA approval: “I’ll wait until it’s FDA approved”

    Antivaxxer after FDA approval: “I DoNt TrUsT ThE GoVeRnMeNt!!!!!”

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