President Joe Biden Says FBI Is ‘Engaged’ To Assess, Address Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack | MSNBC

During a press conference, President Biden announced that the FBI is engaged to assess and address the Colonial Pipeline Network cyber attack. He also announced an emergency order to loosen restrictions for truck drivers in order to allow more fuel to be transported. 

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President Joe Biden Says FBI Is 'Engaged' To Assess, Address Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack | MSNBC


  1. Wait. A professional address and a plan of action while admitting it happened?! Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!?

    1. What’s the plan? All I see is an old man with dementia pretending that he is president.

    2. @15thCS Hannah “I just want to know why he was briefed on it a full DAY after it was reported…where’s the urgency and why was there such a delay?” One does NOT interrupt the President of the US’s nap time!

  2. Great ! Now can we do something about all of these dang telemarketers and scam phone calls ?

    1. @Angel Hart Trust me, I’m a Doctor. ⚛️🇬🇧( insert Dr. Who theme). 🤣
      What we do know- ol’ Joey had two aneurysms that required brain surgery. There isn’t a non invasive way to do that. All brain surgery causes damage and cognitive decline.
      But yeah, clearly he’s “all there”. Anyone with a working brain is laughing, to say otherwise is stupid. Plus look at the rate of Dementia at Joey’s age… and that’s without two brain surgeries.👴

    2. The government thinks we should give 12 year old’s a non FDA approved vaccine but can’t stop scam calls hummm.

    1. @ShoNuff IzHere!! Florida had cheap gas at the height of the pandemic? Gee, and people say Florida Man is dumb.

      If they’d met you, they’d know Florida Man is brain dead.

    2. @Bridget Collins what pandemic? Who’s dumb? I haven’t missed work and the kids never missed school. I have no state taxes. I haven’t seen anyone sick yet. Police keep us secure and we can protect ourselves with firearms. Who’s the dummies again?

    3. @ShoNuff IzHere!! If you don’t owe state taxes in Florida, you’re telling the rest of us that you’re too poor to own anything.

      Florida doesn’t have an income tax but they do have personal property taxes. And a 6% sales tax.

      Guess when you get your groceries from the food bank, you don’t care about that.

    4. @Bridget Collins 👌ok. What if I was a demonrat from NYC or LA? How much will I pay? (I moved from Newark) You paying 7% fed, 3% state, AND 2%city tax. Now add the worse property taxes and sales tax. Don’t you dare forget your insurance rates. Who’s the dummies again?

  3. We have plenty of Agencies that can tell us who did what; what Agencies do we have to PREVENT these events from ever occurring?

    1. If we only gave our government agencies sweeping power to spy on citizens…oh wait, they already have that. If we only gave broad, unchecked power over the internet to a few private companies for our own protection…dammit they thought of that too.

    2. @A_Sherman don’t even get me started on the CIA. It’s like they were told to protect America with stealthy operations and they took their job too seriously

    3. @The Larger E It’s our own fault. The Patriot Act was widely popular, bipartisan, AND unwise. Who would have thought that if you gave people power, they would take advantage of that power for their own benefit? Only anyone who has ever read a history book.

      That’s the ultimate irony of the situation today. Some people think that it’s Republican vs Democrat or the working class vs the rich. It’s just the powerful vs the weak…and that’s the way it’s always been.

    4. @A_Sherman and also oil. Believe it or not it’s had an extensive effect on the world for the past 100 or so years

  4. Fed’s addressing multi-billion dollar oil pipeline execs “So you say you had the password to the entire pipeline set to “Password”?”

    1. @David R. Stone Some people remember that Obama caused the price spike in summer, 2008 … 6 months BEFORE he became president. Can you explain what Biden specifically did to cause this latest price rise? He didn’t block the Suez Canal.

    2. @gem anscombe Gas prices were going up before that. Funny thing. They went up right after he took office and KILLED THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE! Now we get to pay to have that oil trucked. This administration is just an extension of the Obama administration. He’s already said he’s talking to him! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see these things. And prices didn’t spike “before” Obama because president! I remember very well! They spiked the summer AFTER he took office. I remember very well! I traveled with GE for my job! Stop trying to rewrite history.

  5. FBI should be actively trying to prevent this kind of thing from happening.
    Wonder what their resources and manpower are being diverted towards instead of things like national defense. 🤔

    1. @RavenPlaze the role of foreign intelligence is handled by the CIA and the NSA are the ones that handle cybersecurity and domestic intelligence
      for the government. so stoping the hack would have fallen to one of these agencies. finding out how the hack went down and how is responsible starts with the FBI. they’re called the Federal Bureau of Investigations for a reason and are largely law enforcement not cyber security specialist or counterintelligence.

    2. @Mad Machanicest Only thing you’re telling me is that everyone failed at their job here. Also, it’s not like the FBI doesn’t keep lists and tabs on people/groups/countries that they’re “investigating”.

  6. As an engineer I always include manual overrides and recommend backup software in cases like these at backup sites. Ransomware and viruses.arent the only way software can be corrupted, deleted or otherwise impacted. Open systems using the public internet are an invitation to hackers. 5G should be considered a nightmare much too dangerous in many ways to be implemented.

  7. The FBI can’t even process background checks correctly. What makes you think they can handle this?

    1. The same deep state FBI that ignored hundreds of sworn affidavits, dozens of security cam videos, hundreds of impossible after hours vote dumps.. examining not a single ballot or interviewing a single election official under oath..
      failing to investigate or prosecute a single Antifa/BLM arsonist, looter or murder. The FBI is the DC enforcement arm of the Democrat party, framing/persecuting conservatives and ignoring/burying Democrat criminal evidence.

    2. What did you expect ,the FBI is making history with all of its historic diversity hiring ,I can tell you the same things they are too

    3. @wrwhiteal I’m still waiting on the FBI to give us the details about the private email servers of Jared and Ivanka Trump, how about that secret server in the trump tower? Why aren’t you asking about that @wrwhiteal? You had a massive voice about Clinton and 4 dead people from Benghazi, but you have nothing to say about the trumps private email servers, or the hundreds of thousands of dead people from their inaction?

    4. @Robert Graham So, where are your emails asking about the Ivanka and Jared trump private emails? How about the private email server in the trump tower that was linked to Russia? How about all their Deutchabank communications and transactions? Why aren’t you fighting as hard about their emails as you were about Clinton, someone who didn’t have a think to do with a single death of someone in Benghazi? Oh, that’s right!!!! Because she is a dem and you frame every dem as guilty while all the republicans and similar people innocent because you are a treasonous cretin.

  8. Is that the same fbi that issued green lights to background checks on persons on their watch lists for firearms and then those people went on shooting sprees?

    1. Right! The same FBI that won’t look into the election but will send 15 agents to look at a rope in a nascar garage. 🙄

    2. Are you talking about the same FBI who planted drugs around the US to instigate the war on drugs? The same one setup by the republicans? I’m trying to determine when the republicans have done anything correct to NOT hard the US.

    3. @DJM-anon Set up by Republicans? WOW you’re digging. Buden is responsible for the 94 crime bill! It was Cilinton and the Democrats that started that war on drugs kid! FBI are nothing n.y g but Democrat puppet! Stop with your propaganda

    4. FBI murdered Fred Hampton too, doesn’t mean Trump won. FFS you’ve blamed everything from Cesar Chavez who has been dead 15 years, to bamboo ballots. At a certain point youre shooting yourself in the foot as logical people don’t want to be associated with asinine conspiracy theories.

    1. @Werenotgoingtotakeit yep. If you don’t wrap tinfoil around your MAGA cap the reptilian people will push you off the edge of the flat earth

    2. @Squigga haha right? So glad we have a real man like Biden in office, we’re building back better and it feels so good!

  9. The FBI will never find the bad actors, let’s be real. No fault of theirs, just, pinpointing cyberattacks like these is near impossible. Especially with hackers this advanced. They won’t slip up while covering their tracks.

    1. It could happen, but never without Putin’s help. Russia is a sanctuary nation for hackers who hit the West. It’s similar to phone scams from Jamaica. Those couldn’t continue w/out complicity of government officials and their phone company who get a cut.

    2. @gem anscombe Of FFS! Russia Russia Russia. Putin also said he liked working with Democrats because their policies are closely aligned with the exact same ones that built his country. 🙄 You people scream Russia Russia Russia and never ONCE have looked at China. Who have openly threatened America recently and has been caught meddling in the past 3 elections!

  10. Seeing as how the CIA is having trouble locking down their own building I think we should count them out on this one

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