President Joe Biden visits Tulsa, Oklahoma | USA TODAY 1

President Joe Biden visits Tulsa, Oklahoma | USA TODAY


US President Joe Biden visits Tulsa, Oklahoma, and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.

One hundred years after a white mob burned "Black Wall Street" to the ground, killing and injuring an estimated hundreds of African Americans and forcing thousands from their homes, President Joe Biden will visit Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Tuesday to commemorate one of the bloodiest race massacres in U.S. history.

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  1. Ok maybe I tuned in late, but what could he have possibly said that justifies this having twice as many dislikes as likes..

    1. If he truly cared about black lives he would visit Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis or any of those other failed Dem controlled cities where scores of black lives are being taken every week.

    2. @allen Evans Go get a job and make something out of your own life. The white man is not responsible for the black man, the black man is responsible for himself.

    3. @gitchy goomy Those who were killed in Tulsa had jobs, who did well, who made something of themselves. And then came the white men….

    4. @addmom712 i agree up except for the part where you say race is an issue because you ‘believe’ it is, i cant help the fact im black and it makes people uncomfortable, i was born this way, and i dont think i deserve to be called a n*gger or threatened to be harmed for living in oklahoma.

  2. The US bombed its own citizens and people are still whining because its not their president. Lmao the US is in trouble.

    1. That was the KKK and biden recruited for the kkk. And President Trump did win this election in the biggest landslide in history. Illegitimate joe is not the real president.

    1. @Clint Hammer Chicago is ran by Democrats…the Democrat governor JB Pritzker and the Democrat mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot don’t give two shits about the blacks killing blacks…they never have and never will

    2. @LegoGuy87 “Marxists”? LOL! I think about 95% of people who use the word “Marxist” as a term of opprobrium are simpletons who know just about nothing about Marx or Marxism. They couldn’t distinguish Marxism from mustard, or Marx from the Marx brothers

    3. @SagesseNoir Says the one that says “opprobium”, obviously being too intricate and verbose to compensate for him essentially saying, I’m stupid. You could use other words that most people actually use. I might have not used “Marxist” perfectly, but at least I used a word that people can grasp more or less. lol

  3. When a group of people are given special status, protected by others, told over and over they have been mistreated and are owed something more than other groups they develop a sense of entitlement and invincibility. They accordingly act the part. What you see with crime and the hate crimes are the result.

    1. @Jacob Swenson and really the only reason you feel the need to go online and attempt to insult other people’s intelligence and use big words is because in your personal life you feel unfulfilled and powerless so you need the ego boost.

    2. @Daniel Loveland My life is actually going very well at this exact moment, I’m content there. Can you cite when I ever insulted another person’s intelligence?

    3. @Daniel Loveland Even if I did insult your intelligence, which I didn’t (and you’ve yet to cite the time(s) I did), it wouldn’t be racist because I didn’t know your ethnicity. I have a high school level education, if it means anything.

    1. Exactly. Not only that, but they choose only to remember things from the past that fit their agenda. Everything else is cancelled. It’s all history and it all needs to be remembered or it’s doomed to repeat itself. There… now that the simple crap is out of the way, can we focus on the bigger fish that are an issue right now please?

    2. Chicago is ran by Democrats…Democrats don’t care if the city burns and people are killed….they showed that all year last year…

    3. @Mike Henzler they have republican reps in the same city they just choose to ignore the one city and put the blame on others.

  4. Did Joe make any statements as to the skin color of those there based on their voting in the 2020 election?

    1. @A Farouk are you saying you’re not offended by his “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” statement?

    2. @YouTube WantsToSilenceMe not that either. Republicans aka KKK are the reason he is in Tulsa. If you are black and you don’t vote for Democrats or joe, I don’t know what your priorities are.

    3. @A Farouk How does that comment make any sense? Please enlighten me on what Tulsa has to do with the Republican party? or what Joe Biden has done so great for black people that he won’t even sit down with those responsible for him “winning ” the election.

  5. He Joe did you forget to mention your own racism when you tried to deprive Kamala of her education. “That little girl was me” she whined.

    1. @Jill Salkin if you can’t see that he’s dividing the country with that speech then I feel sorry for you. Biden is lying to the American people and he should be ashamed. He is the dangerous one

    2. @MaxFlight your argument is flawed, Trump was elected to save the US from Hillary the crooked cackler who wanted open borders… just like old joe. The statement about Trump only representing the white working class is pure BS. Trump protected all American, including minorities…btw, most people who bashed Trump on his immigration policy are smug elitist who have a license to protect their profession such as doctors, lawyers(politicians) and professors…the people whose jobs will be lost have no such protection.

  6. God is a gentleman. While it is not His will that anyone should perish – everyone has a right to go to hell.

    1. “I love those barrettes, man. Look at her over there, looking 19 years old, legs crossed like a lady…hehuehe”

      -President sniffy grabby hands talking about a 6 year old girl

  7. makes one wonder how it went through 100 years of administrations including Biden being in office
    over 50 years and not a word being said until a high chance of reparations.

  8. “This was not a riot, it was a massacre.” Wow, now that’s powerful. Finally, a president says it.

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  10. Are we going to have a similar ceremony about Wounded Knee???? Oh, sorry, wrong skin color.

  11. pretty damn hard to make a big impact when ur whole congress is against you, and the community you want to uplift.

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