1. @Jamtommy Remember . Christianity was forced onto the African population.
      Now who’s the bigot and racist.
      Face a black man they will tell u the same.

    2. @Tim using my own vocabulary against me is a compliment. Only race baiters here are the CURUPT media trying to start wars in America.

    3. @Kevin S Being called a race baiter is a compliment? That’s a new one. I think you missed the point though…

    4. @Alan Weiner
      Wow Al you really really really *Hate White people and Christians* don’t you…
      No no you’re not a bigot the “white people”are.. LOL
      Bigots like Al walk amongst us, they don’t even know they’re bigots they just walk around thinking they’re righteous … Be careful out there folks.

  1. Africa maybe “desperate” but not STUPID. Go Malawi. Other African countries such follow Malawi’s leadership. Demand for equal respect and distribution of goods.

    1. @Pandasrules Better yet, stop the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies from fomenting tension among certain factions in these under developed countries. Stop assassinating their true leaders in exchange for weaker puppets to the West. We are in the information age now. Get your information straight and stop spreading propaganda.

    2. @tyrion lannister Moamar Gadafy was assassinated. His vision for a united Africa with one currency scared the hell out of the US and Europe. The state murdered him right before your eyes as they did other African and African American leaders. There are reasons why Africa is lagging behind some internal and some external. Your statement is void of research.

    3. @Red Dwarf I rather wobble and be contempt that I am well overfed than have a bloated ring worm stomach or eat sand disks or walk on dirt roads.

    1. @Charles Lewis Also hard to deal colonizers who loves and thrives for corrupted governments – No to EXPIRED vaccines!

  2. Here Lady, eat this expired food, wash it down with this expired milk. And after you are done throwing up, continue the process until you answer your own question on why a country rejects expired products, especially when the hypocritical rich give it to you with smiling faces…

  3. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places

  4. When I think of Malawi ….. I think of *Madonna* .

    also, Zain Asher is very beautiful.

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