1. “It might be Hot but it’s Beautiful”
    Amen to that because it’s going to be so cold in Minnesota in no time

    May the Lord continue to Bless you Both❤
    🇺🇸20 TRUMP PENCE 20🇺🇸

    Thank You👍🏾

    1. Will drop from 14 to 1, with one old man sick. Summer will kill it. Have we tried bleach. Stop testing to reduce the case numbers. Don’t wear masks. Don’t trust the experts, trust me. ……blah blah blah…. economy a mess, deaths heading for 200,000 and who knows from there. Yes indeed, please God Bless America and get rid of the moron running our country.

  2. Anyone else have Don Jr talking about gold campaign membership before viewing this video?

    Poor choice in words. Could have used a speechwriter:
    0:40 job killing regulation [forgets victims of Covid]
    0:46 smothered …merciless
    0:50 wasteful, expensive [see Trump’s golf trips & family vacations]
    0:57 intrusive regulation
    Oppressive, stealth tax [created tax reform that benefitted wealthy; during Covid small business loans went to multi-million dollar companies and celebrities]
    1:08 millions & millions of jobs overseas
    [How many jobs did Trump bring back to US and after Covid, how many remain in business?]
    1:18 regulatory assault
    1:20 believes removing regulations was an “incredible achievement”
    The late Scalia’s son works in Trump’s Administration. [surprised and yet not surprising]
    At least Trump thanked Tribal leaders [also shocking]
    After four years, still attacking predecessor
    5:32 vehicles will be “better, faster, stronger” [how?]
    6:20 more strange water comments [how does he use his water]
    7:08 claims water is not a problem around the country, “it’s called rain.” [Flint, MI. Check Drought meter]
    7:28 incandescent lightbulbs, claims he brought them back and it’s cheaper and makes people look good 😄
    Shutdown clean water bill
    8:00 people crying claim
    10:15 proud to remove redtape, distributing vaccines “militarily” by the generals
    11:28 bare cupboard comment
    Saving so many lives
    Claims everyone that needed a ventilator got one, ventilators are complex to build
    White business owners speak
    As POTUS he claims to fight for your rights
    Soul crushing regulation that drained our vitality
    Job killing Paris Accord [not wanting to work with allies]
    Repeats mentioning criminals and they should serve jail time [ *Roger* *Stone* ]
    Claims people want abolitionists gone

    Campaign stomping

    Suburbs sounds like a dog whistle. He has no concern with urban areas or rural areas.

    Suburbs sounds like a dog whistle. He has no concern with urban areas or rural areas.

    1. btw he talks about fixing urban issues like education and jobs. He brought us lowest unemployment for Hispanic and African Americans. He brought back half a million manufacturing jobs. He fought to revise nafta to a new trade deal called USMCA and takes on China that economists estimated took over 3.5 million jobs from America due to trade imbalance and unfair trade. He fights for school choice where a kid who grows up in a bad neighborhood can go to another school out of the zip code to get a good education. But hey vote for good ole Biden who fought busing to keep segregation in schools and who has said last year China isn’t a competition. What a joke, joe Biden isn’t gonna fix America. Trump is and will continue to

    1. He doesn’t even know what he is saying, he is trying to deflect the fact that 150,000 Americans are dead 💀 because of his incompetency!! He is bragging about all the environmental restrictions he removed on appliances like shower heads , dishwashers, and his favorite place the toilet 🚽!!

  3. The Biden and Booker plan is scaring. Do new age liberals have a brain left? Read for yourself and don’t let others discern it for you…

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