1. the media will have an audience with anyone they spin stories on because lies are talored to the crowd, facts are hard to swallow.

  1. Anyone who dares to speak the truth is censored, is canceled, censored, fired, expelled, harassed abused, boycotted, deprived of a livelihood or even physically assaulted:Like Vindman, Sondland, Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill and many many others, including the peaceful protesters at the White House, the free press, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe ETC.

    1. I couldn’t even believe my ears when I heard what he did with radio free Europe. The Voice of America. This bastard breaks my heart.

    2. @Kevin USMC Eh – Radio free europe was ALWAYS a propaganda outlet. Nobody cares about this propaganda station. But the cops in the USA killing people who dare to protest, now THAT is something that even Trump can not deny further.

    3. @Kevin USMC one of the first things he did when he came into office was to remove the ban on hunting trophys, so his bone spur protege can brag about killing rare animals. can,t trust a president who doesn’t have a dog.

    1. There will be. It will be mandatory and it will have microchip in it and will be enforced by martial law.

  2. Here’s some scary math. We’ve tested 25 million in 4 months. That’s 7% of America, which breaks down to 1.75% per month. So when you do the math it equals we’ll have the country tested after 4 years.

    1. I would have gotten tested but I don’t qualify according to our county guidelines. The lines for testing here are extremely long.

    2. @Kacey Lee Excuse but I only used the numbers Trump himself gave. Try breaking out of calculator and see if I’m wrong. If you think four years to have all of America tested is a stellar performance, then all I can say to you is…shhhhhh! Not to mention that they’re not doing any antibody testing on any large-scale. And as one of the comments stated originally if you weren’t experiencing symptoms they told you to stay away. I have a feeling that you’re a mannered troll, could be wrong. Food For Thought for everyone that’s reading, the country of Japan with three times Mini people as Florida has deaths and cases.

    1. Kristian Siordia IMO, because he’s had to be. And, he is the only US President that’s never drawn a paycheck from you.

    2. @Kacey Lee A) His properties get tens of millions from Secret Service booking rooms and B) a half a million check to a billionaire is no sacrifice. You are extremely naive. These are PR stunts specifically tailored for feeble minded people like you.

    1. Liberal Media was Advertising the Rally by Constnatly bashing it. Negative or Positive, it’s still Free Advertising for his Rally!

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