President Trump Diverting Military Money to Build the Border Wall – The Day That Was | MSNBC

President Trump Diverting Military Money to Build the Border Wall - The Day That Was | MSNBC 1


President Donald Trump and the Pentagon are reportedly planning to reallocate military money, including one for a new middle school at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to the border wall. MSNBC takes a look at the human impact of fulfilling Trump’s campaign promise.

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Is Trump Diverting Military Money to Build the Border Wall? – The Day
That Was | MSNBC

56 Comments on "President Trump Diverting Military Money to Build the Border Wall – The Day That Was | MSNBC"

  1. You mean diverted from the MEXICAN military?

  2. Didn’t they already take him to the border and show him the tunnels underneath the ground that are used to bring people in? So basically he has already been shown that a border wall would be ineffective, yet he still wants to go through with it. 🙄

    • I'm Your President | September 7, 2019 at 10:22 AM | Reply

      Nobody, including Trump ever made the claim its meant to 100% stop illegal activity 100%. Its meant to slow it down and/or give BP time to respond. Even if it were 100% ineffective, its still a promise he kept is it not?

    • Lorna SinAmin washington | September 7, 2019 at 10:55 AM | Reply

      @I’m Your President no to answer your question it’s not because Mexico is not paying for it simple as that promise broken

    • Lorna SinAmin washington , if the USMCA brings in more revenue for the Govt, and the Govt is paying for the wall….then yes…Mexico would certainly be paying for it, one way or the other.

  3. Walter Ontiveros | September 7, 2019 at 9:27 AM | Reply

    That is the funniest looking concrete wall i ever seen

    • This is what the border patrol wanted.. a concrete wall would have been a bad idea.. but when Trump talked to our border patrol for input they informed him what they want and why.. it made sense.. so he have them what they asked for..

  4. So building a wall while our vets are asking for money

    • @Yahweh Tsidqenu Amen, trust the plan! God’s plan!
      We are literally living out Revelations in our life time!
      The Jubilee, 1000 years of piece, the anti-christ beast system of the New World Order is being exposed for the evil, corrupt child sacrificing, human traffkg, control of the Vatican and all it welcoming of the (et’s) deminic entities from other realms etc…
      It must stop! Like taking down the Asher poles in the old testament!
      Trump is only a vessel; look into his blooline.
      The Cabal has stolen much from us!
      My God is my provider!

    • Chadillac Well here’s some good news regarding MSNBC, their ratings dropped even further than the 50% loss in viewership last time.

    • @Betty Giles
      First off, college deferments are not the same as “draft dodging”.. one is a legal way to keep a college student from being drafted.. used by many people.. the other is fleeing to another country so they will not be drafted, which is illegal..
      Secondly, there are many things that can disqualify you to join the military.. bone spurs being one of them.. yes, there are ways to still join if you wish.. such as with a waiver.. but if you choose not to pursue those alternative ways, those people should not be shamed for not joining because of medical conditions..
      Lastly, the military is not for everybody.. and considering how much Trump has done for the country since taking office, I view it as a good thing he did not pursue a waiver to get drafted, we quite possibly could have lost a great president had he done so..

    • @Betty Giles you obviously didn’t make the IQ cutoff?

    • @5657889 Adbskad I’m not surprised their ratings are in the toilet, all you have to do is watch the MSNBC clown show when Richard Maddow or Lawrence “diapers” O’Donnell are on and you will understand. You would have to be clinically insane to sit through an entire propaganda infused episode of their reality show.

  5. Concrete Lightbulb | September 7, 2019 at 10:01 AM | Reply

    …And he has the nerve to accuse Kaepernick of disrespecting the troops for kneeling at football games.

  6. A wall is not going to stop illegal immigration. America’s so far behind cyber security is at risk but since he promised a border wall he’ll build it by any means necessary.. remember Mexico was supposed to pay for it? He’s not doing this for the country, he’s doing it to get re-elected.

    • Wow that’s new are they emailing illegal aliens in now! what does cyber security have to do with stopping people from walking across the US Mexican border

    • forseti a wall won’t stop them. All I’m saying is there are bigger things that we have to worry about than a wall that can be destroyed, dug under, fly over, float around. etc.
      The big picture is right in front of you, but you refuse to see it.

    • WRONG —-> It will stop 99% of illegal immigration … you had 2000 crossing a day and it will bring it down to a mere DOZEN who can easily be apprehended by Border Patrol. Additionally I expect the right to literally SWEEP in the elections, watch what happens when GOP has majority in the Senate, Congress, White House and majority in the Supreme Court !!! It will lead to Comprehensive Immigration Reform which will target the employers too …. once the economic lifeline is removed =====> Check Mate !!

    • The wall is a medieval solution. Most undocumented immigrants here entered legally through ports of entry and have stayed beyond their visa. The fear mongering orange puppet does not know America. He never will.

    • @Power corrupts Wrong Wrong Wrong … come to California which has 10 million illegals …..I have many acquaintances who are here illegally. Not one came by ports of entry or overstayed the visa. The LEFT would not be protesting that much if the WALL did not make a major difference, instead they would tout it as a policy failure !!

  7. Money is appreciated by Congress, NOT by the president. Congress must act immediately to stop this violation of constitutional power.

  8. The military was way too overfunded anyway. Just sucks that those funds are being diverted to an idiotic project….

  9. our military was mexico the whole time! what a twist!

  10. Why does Congress let him do so?

  11. I wonder who or what killed Trump’s and destroyed his heart beyond recognition?
    Is the wall more valuable than the men and women who gave their lives and who are ready to give up their lives and livelihood for America?

  12. Everything batman collector | September 7, 2019 at 11:22 AM | Reply

    U want a real national security threat? Sugar obesity kills more people than all vices combined.

  13. Turn down the background music noob.

  14. “Let’s make his head spin again”? This time off the “choping block”! -[gasp, laughter, then cheers]

  15. The military budget actually being used to defend the country’s borders? Wow

  16. “Who’s gonna pay for the wall?”
    “You will, by forfeiting billions of dollars in multiple military projects around the country.”

    • TooMuchDramaInTheMilkyWay Galaxy | September 7, 2019 at 12:11 PM | Reply

      The Trump Administration is probably one of my least favorite administrations since the Vietnam era. That being said the wall is less than 1% of our annual military budget. I am more angry that every branch of the military failed the recent audit (literally trillions of dollars missing in the past 18 years) than the construction of this relatively pointless medieval style wall. Sure this is likely a waste of money but it’s also insignificant to the clerical errors and misplaced trillions our military is responsible for.

  17. Question to the new POTUS, ” What will you do on your first day in the White House / Oval Office ? “. New POTUS, ” Fumigate the place… “.

  18. The 101st Airborne Div. hasn’t only been bearing the brunt of the deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan!

    They’ve been the, go-to, “tip of the spear,” Army Division since the massive, “Operation; Overlord,” invasion of Normandy in 1944. And, they definitely deserve better than being forced to suffer for Trump’s failed campaign promise that, “Mexico would be paying,” for a completely unnecessary border Wall.

    He’s been enriching himself personally ever since he’s been in the White House by insisting his own resorts, hotels and golf clubs are being prioritized by lobbyists and foreign and domestic cadres and even Governments in their attempts to ingratiate themselves to him.

    If he needs money so bad, for a failed campaign promise, or not, he should have to use up THAT source of funding FIRST.

  19. VOTE HIM OUT PERIOD.And if he talks negative about Biden IT’S ALL LIE’S AGAIN.

  20. This is CRIMINAL
    He’s a draft dodger during a war that was to far.
    As a Navy Veteran this

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