President Trump Downplaying The Coronavirus | MTP Daily | MSNBC

President Trump Downplaying The Coronavirus | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


In a new book, Bob Woodward reveals that President Trump was downplaying the threat of COVID-19 to the public, with the knowledge that it was worse than he was leading on. Aired on 09/10/2020.
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President Trump Downplaying The Coronavirus | MTP Daily | MSNBC

81 Comments on "President Trump Downplaying The Coronavirus | MTP Daily | MSNBC"

  1. Remember, remember, to vote this November. The treason, the lies and the fraud.

    • @Sidney Mantissa So, you don’t even know what mythology is, do you? Maybe get back with me when you understand what the term means, okay?

    • @Drake Fire I know what it is. I paid attention in high school.

      A lot of people call Christianity a myth. Fact is, in ancient Greece and that entire Mediterranean region, this WAS their religion.

      So, the story of Helen of Troy, is just as true to them, as the story of Jesus Christ is true to Christians.

      Check, your move…

    • @Sidney Mantissa No. Even by that time, Troy was a myth, outdating the Greeks about a considerable length of time.

      And by the way, just because someone thinks something is true, doesn’t mean it is.

      For example, you thinking masks not working is truth, when in reality, they do.

      Try again.

    • @Drake Fire One could say the same about Christianity.

      It can be true or it can be a myth. It depends on who you ask. A distinction without a difference.

      Now if you think masks work, please show your proof.

      Check, your move…

    • @Sidney Mantissa I already did. I’m not surprised you ignored it.

      But please, do continue with your myth=truth bs. It’s almost you know you don’t have an argument, so you’re just repeating the same thing over and over again.

  2. William H. Baird | September 10, 2020 at 3:03 PM | Reply

    A shameful man! Time for a complete Regime change!

    • @Harry Dingling that was traitor boy tRump

    • @Sidney Mantissa Did it cause massive death of citizen??????? You are a trash to this country.

    • Sidney Mantissa | September 11, 2020 at 9:22 AM | Reply

      @Elminster Highhell

      FACT: Lowest unemployment rate of African Americans in the history of this country, under Donald Trump.

      FACT: NATO member states have not been paying their agreed upon amount to fund defense spending, instead leaving the majority of the financial burden on the USA, which means the American taxpayers. Trump is the first president to actually do something about this, and make these countries pay according to the agreement. Trump puts Americans first.

      FACT: NAFTA was not a good deal for the American people, so Trump canceled it and created his own trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. So instead of losing all our jobs to these countries, now we put the American workers first. No other president was smart enough to do that.

      FACT: Lowering our corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, made this country more competitive on the global marketplace. Now, one of the reasons American businesses move their manufacturing operations overseas, is gone. Trump puts American workers first.

    • Sidney Mantissa | September 11, 2020 at 9:26 AM | Reply

      @Ces K No and niether did Trump. This virus came from China.

      Just how well do masks work anyway? Let’s see…

      Fact is, masks do very very little to protect you from ANYTHING!

  3. Trump, “I created a nuclear. It works like this: BOOM!!!”

  4. We want to be lucky enough to see you disappear, see you go away believe me you won’t be missed!

  5. So, China did not, in fact, withhold that information. Xi and the Chinese government tells Trump and his administration everything about it back in February, and then Trump admits he purposefully downplayed it while telling us “it’s China’s fault for not telling us sooner.” Lock Him Up.

  6. At this moment in history nothing matters anymore. Apart from getting Trump and his squatter family out of office, everything else is just noise

  7. Andrew Hershberger | September 10, 2020 at 3:06 PM | Reply

    ‘It’s called herd immunity.’
    Too bad 45 doesn’t understand that to achieve herd immunity for a plague this virulent, you need ~95% of the population immune to it.

    • Jane Millington | September 10, 2020 at 6:36 PM | Reply

      @David McKay Unfortunately, I don’t think the American people would comply with a lockdown now. They won’t even comply with wearing a mask. I have no idea how Biden is gonna fix this.

    • @Jane Millington that’s why I say #itjustdoesntmatter we are in this together and have to move on and hope for the best with hopefully??? sane government.

    • @Jane Millington I gave this a lot of thought about your question and I think it would be different than Trump.

      I honestly don’t know what Biden would do but if I was running for president and got elected the first thing I would make a speech of my plan and speak to all parties that my goal is to recover as best we can and regroup since we have a common enemy. I would do is go to congress and have them declare war on coronavirus. The constitution states congress has the power to declare war and does not state it has to be another nation. That would open the doors to manufactures kicking in high gear war supplies of weapons and ammunition to fight the enemy like PPE, ventilators, furnishing food supplies which would create jobs for the jobless. I would order the military to go to cities in hot zones and set up temporary hospitals to handle over flow that will soon happen. I would order the military to start building temporary housing for the homeless and a food source to feed the hungry. If this was my nation I would try to squelch the division and promote it as a country that is greatness we are and have always been because of the people who help build it. America is the most giving nation in the world and we built it on an idea of freedom not suppression. I’m not your president I have only a voice as a fly buzz in a tornado.

    • David McKay let us not forget the immunity doesn’t last forever, only 2 month or so by most recent data. Reinfection is being reported in Hong Kong and Europe

    • @Keith Absolutely. I guess maybe this will go around a few years before it get stabilized. What one should be concerned about is time it has been active.

      Right now the area where the virus has been since the beginning the ratio of deaths to cases like New York 7.38, Massachusetts 7.38,New Jersey
      8.16, Connecticut 8.24

      Where is it just starting to ramp in the lower parts of the country like Florida 1.92, South Carolina 2.33, Texas 2.14

      If you doubt that just get the data yourself and make a
      spreadsheet like I did.

  8. Daily Reminder: Trump said Corona virus was a democrat hoax that will miraculously disappear.

    • ​@Joe Kent The example of the media’s portrayal of the mask issue isn’t relevant to the CDC’s 6% statistic, and even assuming the WHO is 100% unreliable, the CDC’s 6% statistic still stands. Also, your reference to the Bill Gates Foundation seems similar to previous conspiracy theories about vaccines supported by the foundation. However, it doesn’t imply that the other 94% of deaths were all completely unrelated to COVID-19, but that other factors had been listed as causes of death.
      The original quote is “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.” The U071 deaths are listed as 174470, which are “deaths with confirmed or presumed COVID-19”, which could possibly include deaths from unrelated causes such as cancer where the person had Coronavirus in their system, and the number of deaths related to flu, pneumonia, and COVID-19 is 74332. If the percentage of real COVID-19 cases was less than, for example, 50%, then the CDC would have to have intentionally miscoded at least all flu/pneumonia deaths. Although I don’t have absolute proof that this isn’t happening, it’s very unlikely that this could happen without someone leaking information, because of its thousands of employees and billions in funding, and this is only for the case of 50% of deaths being miscoded.
      As for my “scripted answers”, I’ve been using Google to do research as it’s a powerful and reliable tool.

    • Harry Dingling, no, Trump said the virus was hoax concocted by the media and the Democrats to hurt his chances of re-election.

      You are not Trump, and you do not get to rewrite facts.

    • Joe Kent, when you learn to spell the plural of hospital (hint: there’s no apostrophe), get back to us. Until then, anything you say is suspect.

    • @Robert Donovan so you found a spelling mistake and that discredits me? That is not how it works. It’s called auto-correct and it happens once in a while. Since you are being condescending and yet wrong about how went about this, you are actually the one that can’t be taken seriously.

    • Joe Kent, the spelling error is just another symptom.

      You don’t pay attention, you don’t check your work, you don’t think things out.

      These are all traits of the Trumpanzees who follow Trump, but who don’t pay attention to either his deeds or his words.

      He is an abomination, and those who lack the mental horsepower to see this are pathetic.


  10. lips moving = LYING

  11. Okay you’re talking about Trump. He will never admit that he screwed up.

    That’s what ignorance is.

    • @John Doe If you say so Rightard, I hope for your sake he doesnt.

    • @John Doe Your Right, Trump never does, Even when you got it on video or tape. He never admits anything. LOL Bye now.

    • Meryk Sindrak I hope for your sake he does. We can’t have creepy sleepy Joe in the senate, uhhh I mean as a president.

    • Pfffft, Trump banned China 8 days before the Woodward audio so he was already taking it seriously. Biden called that action “hysterical xenophobia”. If Trump had said anything about a lockdown at that time the Democrats would have been screaming like little children, running in circles, calling him Hitler (which they did anyway as I recall).

    • Mox Avenger bingo!

  12. So what is the penalty for Mass wholesale murder these days?

    • @Jakob Bennett so what should the penalty be for intentionally killing 192,000 people

    • Who committed mass murder???

    • Lee Taylore who “intentionally” killed 192,000 ppl????

    • If Trump is guilty of murder, then so are all of Democrats who downplayed the virus and told people to go to parades, Chinatown, etc.

    • *COVID fun facts:* (for fake news watchers) America tests more than any country by more than double the 2nd most. When Trump called for the China ban on January 31, every Democrat called him xenophobic (including Biden). He did it anyway. The US had 6 cases then. The President enacted the Defense Production Act 78 times for PPE equipment. March 12th: Trump bans travel from Europe. Biden calls the action xenophobia. When states called for ventilators our President got major American industries to retool *that week* to get them made. He sent so many to NY it could not even use them all and sent them to other states. He sent the Hospital ship to NY and Cuomo could have used it for the COVID positive Seniors that were returned to nursing homes at Cuomo’s order. Cuomo killed thousands. Now we are in the final phase of a vaccine that experts said we would not have for 2 years. Trump gets more done in a week than most politicians get done in their entire careers. It’s a highly communicable virus that needs to spread until there is heard immunity.

  13. It’s actually TURD immunity. That’s why Trump hasn’t gotten sick..🙄


  15. “If we stop taking tests we wouldnt have many cases, If any.” — Lmfao this guy is a genius

  16. Trump: “I take no responsibility, at all.”

  17. When he says “Panic” the president is referring to the Stockmarket – look at the timeline he was more worried about the Stockmarket more then peoples lives back then.

  18. “if we stop testing right now, we’ll have very few cases, if any”

  19. It’s so weird how all of the media simultaneously leave out the context in the majority of these clips- especially the new “leaked audio”. If anyone doesn’t believe me goto the source videos and watch the full things.

    The media are lying to you.

  20. The “if we stopped testing right now” line is a classic.

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