President Trump holds a press conference regarding the coronavirus | USA TODAY

President Trump holds a press conference regarding the coronavirus | USA TODAY 1


The CDC had "erroneously identified the patient as a female" in a briefing with President Trump and Vice President Pence. Washington state and King County officials said the patient was a man during a news conference hosted by the CDC.


The U.S. reported its first death from the coronavirus in Washington State. The FDA took steps to speed laboratory tests for the virus as unexplained infections in three states suggested the disease is spreading on the west coast.

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53 Comments on "President Trump holds a press conference regarding the coronavirus | USA TODAY"

  1. Trump’s speech starts at 17:25

  2. 40 million masks? So enough for just healthcare workers!?

    • @Nefertiti 57 only with those with underlining conditions like, chronic respiratory issues, diabetes, heart diseases.. Google how many Americans have those issues, besides the elderly!

    • @Wanda Cornell Cornell Hahahahahah. what a fool I have 50 N95.

    • Yep or the pres and govs families. We’re screwed. Places are already running out of masks and water

    • @Wanda Cornell Cornell they are already running out. Even online out of stock

    • @indicakitty Lady you need to check yourself in to the nut house. There is a thing called a faucet and water comes out of it. You can also use a plastic bag over your head make sure its secured tightly around the neck. LOL

  3. eventvisionsinc | February 29, 2020 at 3:14 PM | Reply

    Too late

  4. There is no “containing this.” The incubation time is more than 3 weeks in many instances, and asymptomatic carriers are spreading it.

  5. Memory every community in the United States has already had

  6. Another freakin liar !

  7. First British empire then USSR and now USA, wow the British said was true “nobody wins war in Afghanistan”

  8. armando broncas | February 29, 2020 at 3:57 PM | Reply

    at 31:21 praise to our dear leader
    This administration is a f…. joke
    at 36:51 our dear leader has to be praised no matter what then lie with a straight face

  9. Hurry up !!! Pinocchio is looking hungry . Big Mac time ya know : )

  10. The more they keep telling us not panic – I am starting to panic.

  11. Hope you all recall your language art skills from high school and can do inference , critical thinking, context analysis, and read between the lines.

  12. The media are vultures.

  13. I want to be addressed by medical professionals!

  14. He looks sleepy. I am glad your our president. Thank you

  15. just do not travel at all

  16. “I would go to Walter Reed to see them so often….” Really? How often? More than twice?

  17. and what about the healthy military persons getting it


  19. 48:58 – 51:10 is highly revealing if one has an ear to hear:

    “For the most part and the people who get in trouble and ultimately, tragically die from coronavirus are people who are Elderly, and/or have Underlying conditions: Heart Disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity cause of the difficulties in breathing” Dr Fauci

    Unpack and digest those data points. America the country of living w/ underlying conditions: Heart Disease (vessel) 121.5 mil Chronic Lung Disease (COPD) 35mil Diabetes (Pre) 100mil Obese/overweight 160mil typically overlapping conditions.

    America’s elderly population, over 65, 52mil.

    The US population is 331mil with 5% as the most vulnerable to death, 16,5mil Americans at baseline. 66,3mil Americans could warrant hospitalization up to intensive care. These are baseline predictable numbers taken on their face. The potential here should not be undervalued.

    These numbers, on their face, are seismic when viewed under the context of a community based spread of a pandemic level virus where a conceptual vaccine is 12-18 months in the future.

  20. Wearing masks, even rudimentary ones, effectively cut off mass transmission and saved lives in China where I live in. Please citizens of the US, consider that.

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