President Trump holds press briefing on COVID-19 | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump holds a press conference on COVID-19 pandemic response. Trump resumed the coronavirus press briefings this week as case numbers have surged.

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The COVID-19 crisis has wreaked unprecedented havoc on millions of Americans' lives, and with cases continuing to surge throughout the country, it's clear that things could easily get worse before they get better.

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    1. He is 100% bullshit. Baron attends PRIVATE SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOL in New York; tax-payers have been footing the bill for Melania to live in New York.
      If you believe this man gives a damn about your children, when he HAS NO RELATIONSHIP with two of his………..explains why you’d allow him to sacrifice your kids.
      He is lousy parent & lousy POTUS.
      Biden in 2020!

  1. “Amazing…we’re doing an incredible job…impressive…we have great statistics…fantastic…children have very strong immune systems…a lotta people saying…we’re studying that very hard…very hard…extraordinary…we protected those buildings…highly respected…I’ve done more for black Americans than Abraham Lincoln” – runs for the exit.

    1. @MPlain OUR Senators and Representatives are elected, to Represent OUR wishes, in this order: 1) Vote for the Wishes of their Constituents. 2) Vote Their Consciences. 3) Vote Their Party. They have these priorities completely reversed!! They Vote Party, once in a Blue Moon their Consciences, and NEVER for their Constituents!

    2. @Gus Jackson What gave you that impression? He didn’t seem flustered at all. He answered a lot of questions. There will ALWAYS be more questions. They have a limitless bucket of them. Eventually you have to leave.

    3. Jamie Ostrowski
      He’s toast. The public have turned. He can tell and it’s getting harder for him to keep up the pretense. He wants it all over with.

    4. @Gus Jackson So you completely ignored everything I said. That’s ok. We’ll see how things go. I think once the public gets a better look at Biden and his word salads, they’ll recognize his brain is checking out. That should be interesting.

  2. The CDC reported that 10x the amount of people have COVID based on those who’ve tested positive.

  3. Why does Donald Trump sound like Jerry Lewis out of one of the old Martin/Lewis movie when he gets worked up? Listen to his rallies. It cracks me up

  4. You have great statistics for killing your people. As for grandchildren, they will be going to some exclusive school where social distancing etc will be easy and the will have all the right gear. Too bad about the average Joe. Other “ordinary” families don’t count as people….

    1. The man does not care about Baron or Tiffany; how can anyone be dumb enough to think he cares about YOUR children?

  5. Everything he’s saying that they’re doing should have been done in February, not 8 days before August.

    1. No getting away from should have taken it very seriously the second China puts Wuhan under lock down. There is no saying…oh they didn’t say anything. How dumb does this guy think people are. Ok….time to get real. A country locks an entire town up. It happens to be ground zero. Trump’s response to this clear statement of a problem with …it’s a hoax. If i could i would pin every single US case on Trump personally.

  6. If Trump comes out again for these COVID-19 press conferences “WITHOUT” any medical doctors and/or scientists in attendance I will not longer watch this crap. This “man-child” is not only a national embarrassment but he is also an international embarrassment as well.

  7. No chief…Texas is having record days of INCREASE…it’s not “coming down very quickly”. Why? Because our governor followed your lead on throwing caution to the wind.

  8. “Arizona starting to come down, they really doing a good job, they very talented people.” Really hard to imagine who else would read this script in better way. 😅

    1. I live in AZ. I have a Daughter who is a Nurse, and two friends who are Medical Doctors. Believe me, we are just entering the Middle of the fight!

    Coronavirus Cases: 4,163,733
    Deaths: 147,187

    1. Yes! The most important statistic to focus on is The DEATH COUNT! All of the other Statistics, although Factual, can easily be misconstrued by the Ignorant People. They will drag you down all kinds of rabbit holes. It’s NOT worth my time and energy anymore to educate them! Just remind them to keep their eyes on the DEATH COUNT!

  10. He wants our children back to school so that some of them can get sick, go home and infect their elders that are high risk? Or should we isolate all our children in the garage when they get home? What a dumb president.

  11. We wish,we wish ,we really wish we could believe anything he has to say that would make us feel safe in any way.

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