President Trump holds White House news conference | USA TODAY

President Trump holds White House news conference | USA TODAY 1


President Donald Trump holds a news conference at the White House.

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22 Comments on "President Trump holds White House news conference | USA TODAY"

  1. O u calling Obama intelligent now🤑

  2. No matter how bad things are going its going GREAT!! to you, yea bc mayb you doing GREAT! w/ your daiky testing..

  3. Well pay & cover the CVD hospital bill$ then

  4. Ch madhusudhan sudhan | September 16, 2020 at 8:03 PM | Reply

    Good Morning 🌞 America 🌞👋

  5. MacheteDontTweet | September 16, 2020 at 8:03 PM | Reply

    You Know I think Trump might lose a lot of votes in the south because I remember a quote from LBJ “He said When sombody tryin’ to sell me somethin’ ‘says “I’m just an old country boy” I put my hand on my wallet”.

  6. Anybody counted how many times he mentioned Obama’s name🤔 Yea we love & miss him too😘

  7. I thought he was talking about Hurricane Sally

  8. U heard what she said: ‘STAFF’ d.a.😆

  9. Ch madhusudhan sudhan | September 16, 2020 at 8:18 PM | Reply

    Sir one Request…
    U to…
    My Girl Friend…

    In u r USA….
    Pls Take care of Her …

  10. Ok, gotta roll one now, lolol

  11. Live from New York……. It’s Saturday Night!!!

  12. Wow trump trying to justify his shakedown of the tik tok deal is so corrupt. Such a scam.

  13. I just started watching this and 10 seconds in I’m so furious at his stupid misinformation ( ( to make himself look good) can anyone believe him are hey brainwashed?; how bond can a people he?! I’m stunned..the . I,m stunned..the world is stunned..but we keep watching Inhe keeps saying how great the states is at handling the pandemic.. fascinated horror and stunned disbelief..and grief too..because we still love the American people and most vulnerable there. Just NOT such a decieptful man as that..your can you not see that?! The situation is great there he said..WHAT!? Is he nuts. People check stats elsewhere.. your in dire straights with this guy leading it.. your covid response and stats are the worst in the world! USA we care about you sincerely..don’t let this wicked conartist recieved you! We care..but get him out!

  14. We are there for you USA..we care.,but not him.

  15. I have sense but my texting is horrid as.. a digital dinosaur. I hope my comment and plea to my neighbours makes sense despite clumsy texting..impatience and spell correct.

  16. Goof had 4yrs to fill the cupboard!

  17. how is labeled a briefing? hes just rambling about football

  18. Looking orange today

  19. He says “the covid” will be very very low by election day so no need to mail ballot, oh yeah except it will be greater, & we did it during ww1 & ww2, oh yeah, except there was no madly contagious virus.

  20. If it’s so contagious, why discourage masks?

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