President Trump Says He Will Throw Out First Pitch In August | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Gar Sm it might depend on the stadium? I am not paying close enough attention to details like where this is going down. Even if I was, I’m not familiar with the layout of the place.

    1. I thought they tried that already? They must have another Trump card up their sleeve, I’ll bet it’s the one about Trump’s overdue library book from 1952.

    1. In germany we close the schools 2 months and think that was too mutch

      I am a german an sports teacher

      Weve got no covid positiv in eveey school in germany

    2. @Unknow Montana Germany canceled Octoberfest when this outbreak started. That in it self shows that your nation is not run by a moron.

  1. Chump cannot and will not allow Dr Fauci to be one up on him, can he? Such an insecure person who needs constant praise and endorsement.

    1. Speaking of. I think that cup was actually slightly smaller than the ones he is given to drink.
      So as to be lighter and easier for him to pull off the one handed stunt at his rally.

  2. He was just jealous of Dr. Fauci so, now they got him doing it too. Just typical to copy someone else. Can’t do his own thing..smh

    1. Actually trump threw a first pitch years before he even ran for president. And fauci’s pitch wasn’t even a pitch, he couldn’t even throw it 2 feet. Know your facts.

  3. He’ll end up having the guy who took his SATs for him to throw out the 1st Pitch. That is if he hasn’t been “Epsteined”

  4. Trump has already struck out as president.
    He doesn’t belong in the major leagues. He belongs in jail

    1. Not one crime he is guilty of.. y’all tried it 3x and failed… Time for the most criminal obama administration ever to be brought to justice.. 9-9-2020 HRC goes under oath. Justice is here.

  5. Trump’s briefings are strictly to promote himself and the crowd at his rally’s .
    Where are the members from the covid team , another scam by Trump .

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